Bomar plans for future at MSU Bozeman


Randy Bomar

Senior Brock Bomar competes in the 100 meter dash at the Homer Scott field track during the 2019 outdoor season.

   Looking back on his high school experience, senior Brock Bomar feels that his progression from freshman year to senior year has been the most enjoyable aspect of high school. He recalled when he was a freshman and he was not a big fan of the seniors, but he hopes that he has changed the image of upperclassmen for the younger students. 

   On the track is where Bomar has seen his greatest accomplishments. Bomar got his start with the sport in sixth grade in the outdoor season. During his sixth grade basketball season, Bomar noticed his ability to beat many others down the court with speed. The track coach also took note of this and talked to Bomar about possibly running track later that year. After his first season, he realized how much he enjoyed the sport and decided to stick with it for the rest of junior high and high school. The 2020 season is his last high school season, so he hopes to make the most out of it. Bomar competes in the 55, 200, and 400 meter sprints throughout the indoor season and the 100, 200, and 400 meter sprints in outdoor, while participating on relays during both seasons. 

   As a leader, he has built many strong connections with the younger athletes and knows how to help inspire those around him to achieve to their highest capabilities. With the largest team the program has ever had, Bomar understands the importance of solid leadership and direction from the seniors of the program. As an individual, Bomar has big plans for his performances this year. In at least one of his events, he wants to be a state champion. Bomar knows this goal will take serious dedication and work, but he believes in the coaches and the support of his teammates to assist in pushing him to that level. “I think I can be a state champion if I work hard,” said Bomar. Head track and field coach Taylor Kelting has coached Bomar in sprints for all four years of high school and has high hopes for the senior. “We have hopes for him to achieve better marks… try to be an all-state athlete and be a phenomenal leader for the team,” said Kelting. 

   Beyond Bomar’s personal goals, he hopes to inspire the team to work together to battle for a state title in both the indoor and outdoor seasons. Bomar recognizes the legacy previous senior classes have left behind. He understands the culture of competition and comradery, and he plans on continuing to pass that on to younger classes during his final seasons. Looking back at his many years of track and field, Bomar appreciates the life skills it has taught him. The biggest take away for him was the humility that has come along with the sport. “You lose more than you win and you better be humble about it,” said Bomar. 

   Being a Wyoming native, Bomar loves taking full advantage of the outdoors during all seasons. “I love to fly fish in the summertime and I really like to ski in the winter,” said Bomar. As a young kid, he would spend most of his summertime fly fishing with his dad in the Big Horn Mountains. As Bomar got older, he only continued to adore the outdoors and the activities they offered. During the winter, Bomar spends his time skiing whether it be in the state of Wyoming or in some of the surrounding states. His most common skiing spot is the Big Sky Ski Resort in Big Sky, Mont. During these activities, Bomar is rarely alone. He is commonly skiing or enjoying the outdoors with a large group of friends or family. One of Bomar’s closest friends, Matthew Legler, who graduated in 2019, has enjoyed their now three year friendship. “His best characteristics are his compassion for people,” said Legler. “He can make anyone laugh, and he has this laser like focus for any of his goals or dreams.”

   Following high school, Bomar has plans to attend Montana State University in Bozeman, Mont. Currently, he has academic scholarships and a track and field scholarship that he has the option of accepting. At the university, Bomar plans on studying engineering, but he does not know what specific field he plans on entering. For much of his academic career, Bomar has enjoyed math and science based subjects more so than English or history. On top of that, his father is a civil engineer, so Bomar grew up around the engineering field and got to experience some of it first hand. “It seems like a logical path for me to take,” said Bomar. 

   Throughout his time at Sheridan High School, Bomar has made many friends, accomplished athletic and academic feats, and maintained a positive attitude through it all. Rarely is he seen without a smile on his face, and he is always willing to strike up conversation with anybody who wants to talk. “He’s just a phenomenal kid off and on the track,” said Kelting.

   Bomar is the son of Randy and Stephanie Bomar.