Brown strives to be a better leader during his senior year at SHS


Courtesy Timothy Brown

Timothy and Sylvia Brown together at the 2019 cross country conference championships.

   Whether it is on the track, in the choir room, or around town, Timothy Brown is recognizable by everyone. His leadership abilities and kind nature create a likeable person to all who know him, and he continues to be a role model for younger students. 

   Brown enjoys the outdoors and has a passion for running that has stayed with him for seven years. His friends share similar likes with Brown, and they enjoy running together on both the cross country and track teams. This year, both the boys cross country and indoor track team won at the state competition. Their cross country coaches, Art Baures and Isaac VanDyke, knew the boys were capable of winning this year and developed a new training method that incorporated frequent runs in the mountains and fewer sprint workouts. VanDyke has been coaching Brown since the summer running months of his freshman year and commends Brown’s character. “He is just an all around great person who is full of positivity and builds everybody up,” said VanDyke.  “You want to be around him, he’s contagious like that.”   

   His passion for running connects Brown with other teams and his own teammates, building lasting friendships that have stayed throughout their running careers thus far. Fellow runner, senior, and longtime friend Alex Garber knows what Brown is like. They also share similar interests outside of the running world. “Outside of running, we’ve gone on bike rides, played some Minecraft with each other; sometimes I will call him up for some coffee or I’ll make breakfast with him, mostly we just hang out,” said Garber. Living on the same street also helped strengthen their friendship, and when they both signed up for cross country at Sheridan Junior High School, they knew they would be lasting friends. Even though they are not going to the same college, they are running in the same conference and will be able to compete and see one another at meets. “Through the years we have grown closer, and I think our similar interests and personalities just kind of mixed well,” said Garber. 

   Brown also has a twin sister, Sylvia Brown, who shares very similar interests with her brother, such as running and the outdoors. Their family fishes in Alaska throughout the summer, and they both like going up there just to be outside. “Fishing is basically just two months of great times with the people you bring up and it’s honestly just amazing to get out of town, it is one of the highlights of my years,” said Timothy Brown. Last year, Brown brought fellow senior L. J. Bailey along with him, and they plan on going back up with each other this summer.

   Outside of running, Brown is involved in two choir classes and is taking an Introduction to Education class. Brown will be attending Black Hills State University as a Mathematics Education Teacher. Brown aspires to become a high school math teacher. His sister will also be going to the same college, and they will both be running for the track and cross country teams. This comes as a surprise to coach VanDyke who is also a math teacher at the High School. “A good memory of him is the day that he told me he was going to become a math teacher,” said VanDyke. “I think that was really cool, and I think that we have a connection both in athletics and schooling because of it.”

   Through school and athletics, Brown’s senior year has taught him just how much influence you can have on somebody. “Everyone has influence; whether you are the little freshman or the senior who has been around a while, you have influence on just about anyone and you can impact their lives in good or bad ways,” said Brown. Being a leader at track and cross country has helped Brown figure out who he is and what he is capable of, and he encourages others to be the leaders that change peoples lives. 

   Brown is the son of Mike and Sarah Brown.