Thoney’s academic abilities help shape her high school career


Senior Alicia Thoney wraps up her high school career and plans to attend UW to study computer science.

   This year at Sheridan High School, the graduating class of 2020 has had to face several ups and downs in these last few months of their senior year, due to missing out on spring sports, prom, and a traditional graduation ceremony. Although it has been a difficult and unusual time, senior Alicia Thoney has not let the repercussions of COVID-19 get the best of her.

   Thoney has been involved all throughout the community and SHS, participating in and being the president of National Honor Society, a co-leader of Sources of Strength, a diver on the SHS girls’ swim team, running as a sprinter and pole-vaulter in indoor and outdoor track, and interning last fall with the Sheridan County IT department. “She is always willing to do anything for anyone no matter what is on her schedule at the time,” said friend and senior Kairstyn Holden. “Alicia is friends with everyone and is the absolute sweetest person I know.” She is also passionate about STEM classes (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). 

   “I love attending these classes because they really click with me,” said Thoney. “I have always had an aptitude for math and science, but recently computer science has become a huge interest of mine.”

   Being very successful academically, Thoney has found a way to manage her time while being a part of several clubs and extracurricular activities. “My rigorous schedule and extra-curriculars have required excellent time management,” said Thoney. “This involved holding myself to high expectations in terms of doing two to three hours of homework each night after practice and often extra time on the weekends.” With that, her goals are what have kept her motivated. From the start of her high school career, Thoney’s goal has been to become Valedictorian, which she has achieved.

   Outside of school, Thoney’s biggest hobby is crafting, though she does not typically have time for during the school year. “I enjoy making cards for all occasions because I love the personal touch a handmade card brings to even just a thank you note,” said Thoney. During this COVID-19 crisis, she has made face masks and donated them to the Sheridan Memorial Hospital. Thoney also enjoys working out, spending time with her family, and having fun outdoors fishing, hiking and paddleboarding. Another hobby of hers

includes computer coding. During the past two years, she has been writing software for a web application named PhotoFind, which is essentially an app that is a compass for your photos.  

   As her last four years at SHS have come to an end, Thoney has expressed her favorite part about high school has been sports and being a part of a team. “My favorite memory is attending the Simplot Games and qualifying to vault in the finals event,” said Thoney. She also has loved making new friends from all around the state through track. 

   “She was right where she needed to be for a huge increase in height come the outdoor season,” said pole vault coach Pete Karajanis. “She was just starting to believe what I had been telling her that she could in fact out-jump the top girls she was competing against in indoor come the outdoor season. I truly believe our girls outdoor record would have fallen this year by Alicia.”

   After high school, Thoney plans on attending the University of Wyoming to study computer science on the UW Trustee Scholars award. “The options of career paths are infinite for computer scientists, and I can see my future career making a difference in the world,” said Thoney. The most influential people in her life that have gotten her to where she is today are her    parents. “They are my biggest supporters and have been there for me every step of the way,” said Thoney. In addition, her sister Olivia has helped encourage her as a student and an athlete. 

   “Set goals and challenge yourself to be better each day,” said Thoney when asked if she had any advice for other students. “The more daunting the goal, the greater the reward when you finally achieve it.”

   Thoney is the daughter of Gina and Mark Thoney.