Bolton plans for bright future at MSU-Bozeman


Gretchen McCafferty

Addy Bolton, a senior liber for the Sheridan volleyball team, gets ready for the opposing team to serve during a home game.

   Throughout the school year, nearly eight million students in high school across the nation participate in school affiliated sports. Many of these athletes have to go above and beyond and pack their schedule in order to fit in sports and be successful in the classroom. Many of these athletes go on to use their work ethic and discipline they learned through their sport into their life after high school. One of these student-athletes at Sheridan High School is senior Addy Bolton. 

   Bolton is very involved in and out of school. She is currently in Spanish Club, National Honor Society, Orchestra, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Bolton also competes in volleyball, as well as indoor and outdoor track. “I am going to miss the activities I am in,” said Bolton, “I like to stay busy.” Along with  Bolton missing all the activities she is involved in when she graduates, an abundance of people will miss her contribution and work ethic in so many different things. Bolton is known among her teammates and other people she works around as a genuine person who works hard. It may sound different from other high school students, but Bolton likes the harder classes; the classes with big homework loads are right up her alley. She claims that she feels unproductive if the class does not challenge her. 

   Although the volleyball team has had a tough time the last couple of years, they look to “flip it,” meaning that the team wants to flip last year’s record around. Last year’s record was 9-26, and they work on being 26-9 and making it to state. As usual, the seniors are typically the leaders on the team. Even among the six other seniors, Bolton is one of the teammates that everyone looks up to. “Addy is a strong leader,” said head coach Lori Byrd. “She works very hard on the court and is just as kind off the court.” The volleyball team has had some tough encounters with the season having to quarantine the whole team for two weeks and not being able to play in a couple of their games. The Bronc team went back to their regular schedule the week of Oct. 19, and continue to look at makeing it to state with their remaining weeks. 

   Her fellow senior leaders also greatly appreciate the leadership and upbeat personality she brings to the court. “She is one of the most hard working and dedicated people I know,” said senior Taylor Larsen, “She is a great person to have around on and off the court.” The underclassmen recognize her hard work and look up to her, trying to emulate her playstyle; that is the type of person Bolton strives to be for younger student-athletes. 

   Bolton’s hard work has gotten her a long way, and she wants to keep pushing herself towards being just as successful after high school. She strives in the classroom and wants to study in college to become an optometrist. This specific field has interested Bolton throughout the majority of her life. She is even taking steps towards this field by taking an internship through the high school at the EyeCare of the Big Horns with Dr. Brandi Bilyeu. Some of the classes she is taking now to move her towards optometry is AP Biology and AP Calculus. Bolton wants to pursue this field at Montana State located in Bozeman, Mont. 

   Looking back on her four years in high school, Bolton has learned that nothing comes easy. “Working hard is a hard thing to do,” said Bolton. She also wants underclassmen to be as involved in as many things as they can. Throughout these activities, students can learn a lot about themselves and meeting new people. Bolton has met a wide variety of her friends throughout different activities and encourages everyone to step out of their comfort zone and get involved in the school. 

   Addy Bolton is the daughter of Aimee and Brian Bolton.