Senior James has sights set high for future


Jennifer James

Senior Brayden James keeps his eye on the ball during his backstroke.

   Senior Brayden James may be one of the quieter kids in class, but he is a source of smiles and positivity wherever he is at. From being a key athlete and leader on the golf team to an excelling student, James hopes to continue to achieve, succeed, and make lasting memories in his senior year at Sheridan High School. 

   In middle school, James played football, basketball, and track, but during his freshman year of high school, he fell in love with golf. His junior year, he participated on the indoor track team and enjoyed the time and memories he made on the team. Even though he saw considerable success in indoor track, James is most committed to his golf game. Both of his parents golfed in college and it became a big part of his life throughout the years. “They both just raised me playing golf my whole life,” said James. 

   Even though he was fiercely competitive and wanted the team to win, he also tried his best to make sure all of the athletes were having fun and were enjoying practice and the tournaments. His efforts in the past four years proved beneficial for himself and his team when he helped the boys golf team win the state championship in September 2020. At this moment, spring golf is the only other sport season James is planning on participating in. 

   Academically, James is a devoted and motivated student. He has achieved a 4.1 grade point average in high school and participated in many electives, such as woods, foods, and weight lifting, he sees valuable to himself and his future. Others have taken notice of James’s determination in everything he does. “When he does something, he puts time and effort and quality into it,” said James’s friend, senior Chance Ulin. 

   Being on the honor roll for all three previous years of high school is something James prides himself in, and he plans to continue that success through his senior year. 

   James is as avid about the outdoors as he is about his scholarly work. He uses the Big Horn Mountains to their fullest potential. Since he was a kid, he can remember spending time with his dad fishing and camping in the mountains whenever they had the opportunity. “We would go camping every summer,” said James. “We would go fishing every weekend.”

   Following high school, attending either the University of Wyoming or the Air Force Academy are the top two picks for James. Playing on a golf scholarship would be ideal, but in the end, he plans on attending college, scholarship or not. For a degree, he is looking into studying either civil or architectural engineering. “It’s just something that seems interesting, and I’m good at math,” said James. “I feel like I’d be good at it.”

   At SHS, he has taken both Computer Animated Design and higher level math courses to prepare him for the engineering field. An internship at L&H Industrial has also helped propel him in the direction of engineering as a career. 

   To many of his friends, James is much more outgoing and bold outside of the classroom. He is commonly quiet and keeps to himself, but around his friends, he enjoys relaxing and showing a little more of his fun side. “When you get to know him, he’s a good guy to be around,” said Ulin. 

   When presented with free time, James spends it in a variety of ways. His common pastimes are playing Xbox, hanging out with family, getting lunch with friends, and playing golf. In the past couple of years, James has also picked up the hobby of working out. On top of all his work in sports, academics, and social life, he gives his best effort to volunteering whenever he can. “I go down to the dog and cat shelter usually once a month,” said James. 

   From his work, to athletics, to the community, he strives to make the world around him a better place. 

   As James is heading into the rest of his senior year, he hopes to make it as memorable and enjoyable as possible. He is one of the most dedicated, driven, and determined scholars and athletes at SHS. With big plans for the near and far future, he has his sights set high, but they are fitting goals for someone like James. 

   James is the son of Brian and Jennifer James.