Danforth’s passion for music drives her to pursue future career


Gretchen McCafferty

Madisyn Danforth takes college-level classes and interns alongside choir directors in order to pursue her own future in music.

   There are countless students that go through the performing arts programs at Sheridan High School for fun, but for senior Madisyn Danforth, music is so much more. Since Danforth was 3 years old, she has always been drawn to music. Throughout her childhood and in high school, Danforth has participated in countless local musicals, choir classes, and extra community music gigs. 

   Danforth has been involved with music programs in the community since she was in elementary school. The list of extra music opportunities Danforth has taken advantage of include SHS spring musicals, YMCA Tandem productions, Spectrum, honor choir, and TrebleMakers. Danforth is also a member in a 70s-90s cover band called The Tone Jesters. Some of the musicals that Danforth has performed in recently are Guys and Dolls, Cinderella, and The Boyfriend. Not only did Danforth participate in these musicals, but she actually played the lead roles in many of them, such as the Fairy Godmother named Marie in Cinderella and Sarah Brown from Guys and Dolls. Danforth stated multiple times that musicals are always a fun time for her because of the amazing connections she makes and because of the positive impact these shows have on Sheridan’s community. 

  “The feeling of having someone walk out of the theatre being pleased and happy when they maybe have had an awful week is the best feeling in the world,” said Danforth. Through musicals and performing arts classes, Danforth has also found teachers and directors to look up to as role models, specifically, SHS choir teacher Ashley Lecholat, and SHS spring musical director Stephaine Zukowski. Danforth has been a consistent choir member for All-State choir the past three years, and she has also auditioned for district clinics as well. By auditioning and getting into these extra choir events, Danforth is required to learn even more music and techniques on top of her other choir classes during the school day. 

   “Mrs. Lecholat has told me that I can do these things when I’ve had no confidence in myself and that I could actually pursue music and make a living off of it,” said Danforth. Zukowski has also been a teacher to Danforth since she was in the elementary school and is now directing musicals that Danforth continues to audition for to get a big role. 

   “We’ve just always been close,” said Danforth. “She has taught me not only how I can become a better performer, but also how to be a better human to this world.” Both teachers and students have stated that they are glad Danforth is in the classroom because of her kindness and willingness to help others. 

   “She is a great student and peer leader,” said Lecholat. “She’s just really a great human being in the way that she has patience with the ones that are around her.” 

   Many fellow students of Danforth also have mentioned her drive to perfect her craft and her deep love for the world of music as she continues to learn more about singing. 

   “Mady is in love with music; without music she would be lost because it is a way for her to express her passion and express herself through music,” said senior McKailyn Malles, a former choir member. 

   Senior Hanna Needles, Danforth’s friend since second grade, has also commented many times on how giving Danforth’s character is. 

   “I would describe her as kind, compassionate, smart and giving,” said Needles, “She is a great friend to me and a great friend to all.”

   Danforth’s love for music is so strong that after her last year of high school, Danforth has already started on her plan to become a music teacher. By taking college courses through Sheridan College to advance her education in music, Danforth will graduate with completed college credits. Additionally, Danforth plans to start her college career at Sheridan College. In addition, Danforth is preparing to audition for her fourth year in the All-State choir and is interning at SJHS alongside Tony Sawyer, the Sheridan Junior High’s music teacher. 

   “Teaching has been really eye opening,” said Danforth, “It really makes me feel like I’m called to do this, and help kids and their passion for music.”

   When Danforth is not in the auditorium singing or sitting on the piano bench retaining her music, she is on the court playing volleyball, being a leader for FCA, leading her worship team at church, and participating in Sources of Strength. Outside of extracurriculars, Danforth is usually around family and friends, either watching movies or rooting for her favorite football team, the Chicago Bears. 

   Danforth is the daughter of Gretchen and Tony Danforth.