Destefano emphasizes giving back to others

   At Sheridan High School there are several opportunities for students to be involved and find their social group, such as in sports, clubs, and hobbies. Senior Sophie Destefano is a prime example student at SHS who has participated in several extracurricular activities. 

   Throughout her four years at SHS, Destefano has been a part of Student Council, Spanish Club, Sources of Strength, FBLA, Interact Club, National Honor Society, volleyball, basketball, and outdoor track. She is also currently taking AP Environmental Science, Pre-calculus, English 1010, and online courses through Sheridan College such as Human Biology and Cultural Anthropology, all while maintaining a 4.1 GPA. “Since it is my senior year, I really wanted to get all my credits done and learn a few things,” said Destefano. “APES was one class I came across that fit my interest with science so I thought it would be perfect.” This upcoming spring semester, Destefano will be interning at an elementary school to further her future career in wanting to be a teacher, specifically in science. “My favorite class is APES because my teacher Mrs. Ryan makes it so fun, and I like science in general,” said Destefano. With that being said, APES teacher Hailey Ryan thinks that Destefano would be an ideal fit for her career goals. 

   “Sophie has told me she wants to be a teacher, more specifically, my job,” said Ryan. “While I hope she does not steal my job from me, I do think it would be fun to be colleagues someday. I hope she is a positive influence on those around her, and I hope that she asks questions and digs for knowledge as she goes through life.”

   At the start of her freshman year, Destefano made it a priority to be involved and help out the school and community as much as possible. “My sister really instilled in me that by giving back it is the best thing you can do with your time because when you are older you would hope that others would give back to you,” said Destefano. “It is just an important value that I have: to help out whenever you can, wherever you can.” Currently, she has taken leadership roles as the co-executive secretary of student council and vice president of Spanish Club. Destefano’s favorite club she has partaken in is student council. “They plan so many things around school, and they do so many activities outside of the school,” said Destefano. “It is a really great club where everyone is super welcoming.” Before her freshman year, student council was not a very “built-up” club. Destefano’s hopes for when she graduates is to leave a lasting impact on reforming the student council and wants to encourage others to get involved and continue to contribute to the club. 

   Outside of school and academics, Destefano remains busy with exercising, working and spending time with her family and friends. “I enjoy sitting around our houses talking because she is such a happy person,” said senior Libby Green. “She can always make me laugh and her positivity is infectious.” In early August, she joined Cloud Peak Crossfit and has continued to do so during the mornings or after school. In the summer she works at the Kendrick Park ice cream stand, Scoops, and often dogsits for those in the community who need it. Recently, Destefano also applied to join a youth board position for a non-profit organization known as Uprising. It is aimed at awareness, education and prevention of human trafficking in Wyoming. 

   As she enjoys her last few months of high school, Destefano prepares for her future. She is undecided about where she would like to attend college; however, her top three options are Black Hills State University, Sheridan College and the University of Wyoming. Studying environmental science and getting into teaching is something she plans on doing. “Sophie is outgoing, funny, kind, and friends with everyone,” said Ryan. “Her easy going personality makes her so enjoyable to be around, and she brings lots of laughs and light to the room. She will make a great teacher.” Looking back on her high school career, Destefano believes that interacting with so many different people and being able to network within the community has been her favorite part about it. There is nothing she regrets and for underclassmen seeking advice, she has a few words for them. “Take as many concurrent or dual enrollment courses as you can and get the most out of your education,” said Destefano.

   Destefano is the daughter of Jennifer and Darold Destefano.