Mendenhall takes interest in new sport


Olga Mendenhall

Senior Maddie Mendenhall stresses not worrying too much about the small things.

   “Life is so much bigger outside of high school,” said senior Maddie Mendenhall. As most students probably know, life in high school can flip like a dime. Many seniors are itching to start their new, fresh, free beginnings. For Mendenhall, her life is just starting to begin. 

   For five years, Mendenhall found her calling in the art of figure skating but recently had to give up this passion because it did not fit her schedule. She originally got into skating because she quit soccer and volleyball, so she needed a new outlet. After five years of skating, she realized it just didn’t fit her lifestyle anymore and got into the sport of boxing. At first, it seemed replacing the feeling she felt while skating would be difficult. She loved skating because of the visual aspect skating brought to her. “I loved skating because it made me feel pretty,” said Mendenhall. “At the time it made me feel like I actually belonged somewhere.” Although she does not participate in this sport anymore, she is still close with her team and loves everyone that skated with her. She took home many medals in skating all ranging from first to fifth place. Her first competition was in Rapid City, S.D. where she Figure Skated. Here, she won gold medals in everything she participated in. Her best memory from her skating career was when she and her friend Maggie did a duet skate to the “Men In Black” theme song. Brittany and Emily were her skating coaches, and she is extremely impressed by their talent and the things they have brought to her. Her coaches to her are everything, regardless if she still is involved with the sport.

   Now, Mendenhall is intrigued by boxing. Cody, the owner of Two Bit Pawn Shop is her current boxing trainer and she is very fond of him and everything he has taught her. Although giving up her ice skating hobby was difficult, it led to her newfound love of the sport, boxing.

     Mendenhall hopes to attend the nursing program at Sheridan College and minor in business at the University of Wyoming. Although her college career is just beginning, Mendenhall has big dreams. Her goal is to open a string of bars and nightclubs across the country. She plans to give it her all when the time comes to start fresh after high school in order to attain these goals. It seems that she already has a head start thanks to her grandma Margo who is 72 and continues to inspire her to achieve her goals. Mendenhall is most inspired by her grandmother, who has taught her that she is never too old to stop working for what she wants in life.  “She has been through a lot and she works her butt off,” said Mendenhall. “Even though she’s in her seventies, she’s still working.” 

   Regardless of what her high school career has brought her, Mendenhall is looking forward to her future. High school is just a stepping stone to this young hope-to-be-entrepreneur. “Life is so much bigger outside of high school, like everything that you think that is important right now, whether it’s boys or sadness, it is important, but once you grow up a little bit you’ll be like ‘wow I can’t believe I worried about that,” said Mendenhall.

   One of Mendenhall’s teachers this semester is one of the business teachers, Larry Ligocki. This is Ligocki’s first year having Mendenhall. He has her in his Personal Finance class this semester, and she has made quite an impact on her class due to her tendency to not follow the typical “high school girl” mold. Ligocki’s first impression of Mendenhall was that she was quiet, especially at first. But later on through the year, she began to become more active in this class. Ligocki seems to be most fascinated by Mendenhall’s free-thinking, which is what he believes will carry her to her future goals. “Her thoughts go against traditional high school kids,” said Ligocki. “Her ability to think quickly and honestly is what makes her great on her own. She doesn’t go along to just go along. She’s free-thinking and she’s polite and respectful about it.” Mendenhall has the ability to do her own thing and be confident and proud of it in a class. 

   Looking back on her four years of high school, Mendenhall has realized that one has to work for what is wanted and not stress on the smaller things. This senior’s message to the underclassmen of SHS is to not focus on the small things, like what goes on in high school because it is just four years of an entire life ahead of you. High school is only four years of life and what happens in those years does not define who one is or what the future holds. Mendenhall is excited to get out in the real world and begin the start of the rest of her life. 

   “If I could choose one sport, it would be boxing,” said Mendenhall. “It’s just more me now.” Throughout the many years of high school, Mendenhall has found her true passion for boxing and will take everything that high school and the activities she has taken part in has taught her and put them towards her new beginnings after her graduation in May 2021. 

   Mendenhall is the daughter of Echo and Tim Mendenhall.