Musically gifted senior plans to go into performing arts

   For eight years, Zach Allen has been consistently involved in the theatre and musical communities within Sheridan. “I discovered I was musically inclined because Mrs. Zukowski, my 5th grade piano teacher, sparked my interest in music,” said Allen.

   Since then, Allen has been involved in multiple musical productions such as “Shrek: the Musical,” “Peter Pan,” “Guys and Dolls,” “The Addams Family,” “Willy Wonka,” “Marry Poppins,” “Catch Me If You Can,” and most recently, “Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella”. 

   “I love the people in these music communities because they create a sort of family that anyone can be involved in,” said Allen. Through music Allen was able to find an escape from reality. “I came from a very bad background before I moved to Sheridan,” said Allen. “I had some very severe anger management issues, and when I moved here to Sheridan it completely changed my life because of music.” 

   Through the countless hours of rehearsals, lessons, and struggles that come with show business, Allen has been able to constantly be involved in music. “I do believe Sheridan is one of the best musical communities out there because we are so supportive of each other and we have the best teachers for it,” said Allen. Through the help and support of many teachers such as Ashley Lecholat, Stephaine Zukowski, Chad Rose, and Diane Knutson, Allen’s love for music and theatre continue to grow more and more. “He is always willing to help people,” said Zukowski, who has directed some of the SHS spring musicals that Allen has been involved in. “I think the most important thing is that he still has a sense that the community is more important than the show.”

   During his high school career, Allen has been a member of the SHS band for four years playing trumpet, as well as a tenor singer in both Honor Choir and Spectrum. Allen has also been a cast member in SHS musicals for the past four years. Additionally, Allen has been accepted into the Wyoming All-State choir and the All-Northwest choir in Portland, Ore. Furthermore, Allen has participated in the SHS annual Big Band Bash, the WYO theatre’s Vaudeville, and has performed high school choir and band concerts each school year. 

   “He knows what he wants and has a method in place to go get it,” said Rose. “His range on trumpet is outstanding along with his volume, he’s just a pretty complete player.” Allen’s long resume of experience comes from the hard work he has put into music. From late night rehearsals, to learning extra music outside of class, Allen has done it all in order to make himself a better singer, actor, and musician. 

   From a young age, it was clear to Allen and many others around him that Allen’s connection to music was strong. Many friends of Allen say that he is constantly playing piano, humming a tune, or listening to his favorite artists such as Michael Bublé or Elton John. “I just want to perform for people and make them happy,” said Allen. 

   Due to Allen’s positive experiences in theatre and music, Allen has decided to take on performing as a career. “I enjoy music and acting so I think it would be fun to act in Hollywood or on Broadway,” said Allen. “I just want to perform for people because, for me, it’s an incredible experience to watch different adaptations and visions come to screen or stage.” 

    Allen plans on continuing his musical career outside of high school by attending Sheridan College and auditioning for his dream school, Juilliard School for Performing Arts in New York every chance he gets. By taking on advanced placement classes such as AP Environmental Science, English 1010, and Public Speaking, Allen has allowed himself to gain insight on how college classes work. Allen is also preparing to become a member of the Sheridan College choir and band when the time comes. After college, Allen plans on performing for audiences on the big screen or through live theatre productions. In short, his goal is to become a professional performer full time.

   Allen is the son of Kyla and Scott Allen.