Hometown musician signs record label with Warner Music Nashville

   The musical artist Ian Munsick is becoming a household name, especially in Wyoming. The Munsick family’s roots are deep in Sheridan County. His parents raised him and his brothers around Dayton, Wyo. Munsick moved out to Nashville, Tenn. to be immersed in the music city, while studying at Belmont University. Munsick was fortunate enough to get a good amount of scholarships from the Sheridan Wetzel Foundation while attending college. Munsick recently signed a label with Warner Music Nashville. Big name country artists like Brett Eldridge, Kenny Chesney, Kenny Rogers, Dan + Shay, and even Blake Shelton are all signed with Warner Music Nashville as well.

   Since Munsick was little, he and his brothers, Tris and Sam, would go to their well known musical father, Dave Munsick, with his gigs to “help” him set up and tear down the venues. The set up and tear down gigs with their dad, turned into piano lessons, guitar lessons, and eventually their love for music grew. The three Munsick brothers all have a musical background and sing together from time to time in Sheridan. After high school, Munsick set off for Nashville, stating that was “probably the most important decision” of his life. The move set Munsick up to grow more musically and inspired him to be the best version of himself. 

   Although Munsick is just getting started on his successful career, there have still been major moments in his music career that makes him sit back for a second and realize what is happening. His favorite moment came from a few months ago when Dolly Parton watched his cover of “Hard Candy Christmas.” In Parton’s reaction, she said “Boy, you can really get up there,” and Munsick said he felt like “the coolest dude in the world.”

   Munsick has quite a few of his own songs, available on all streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. His favorite song he has ever written was “Horses Are Faster.” The song has over 10 million listens as well as over a million listens on many of his other songs. “I wrote it alone in Wyoming before I moved to Nashville, so every time I play it out, it always takes me back to the back porch overlooking the Big Horns,” said Munsick. “It was also the first song I released as a solo artist and gave me the confidence to move to Nashville and pursue writing music as a career.” He has over 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone. 

   Munsick is Wyoming raised and does not want to ever hide that fact. He embraces his home state throughout his music and comes back often to visit family.  “Surrounding yourself with people that are better than you is so important for growth,” said Munsick.