Moran takes academic talents to Purdue University

   At Sheridan High School, there is an abundance of students with good grades and GPAs. With so many intelligent students, there are certainly those who go even farther to achieve their dreams and goals, the ones who always work hard and stay determined. Senior Kate Moran happens to be one of these students, including being the valedictorian of the graduating class of 2021. 

   Originally from Jacksonville, Fla., and later Custer, S.D., Moran moved to Wyoming in  fifth grade. Moving here opened up many opportunities for Moran that she may not have had where she previously lived. Just this year, she has taken many AP classes, including AP Physics, AP Statistics, and AP Computer Science, not including the ones that she finished last year. Moran’s favorite subjects have to do with math and sciences, especially in the cyber world. 

   For Moran, family is a big part of life. Being more of a homebody, she spends time with them either watching movies or playing card games like Euchre. “I spend a lot of time with my family,” said Moran. “They’re a very influential factor in my life, and I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without them.” Her family, consisting of her mother, father, and sophomore brother Aidan Moran, have been very supportive over the years. “Ever since I was little, they’ve always encouraged me to read and just work hard to get where I’m at,” said Moran. “I’m very lucky that they’ve been there for me.”

   Moran is also a member of the National Honor Society. NHS is a service club where students put in volunteer hours within the school and community to help others and give back. Rita Geary is an English teacher at SHS and is in charge of the club. “People often think of the honor society as a brainiac group, and although that’s the beginning of it, it really is ‘What do I do with those gifts I’ve been given?’ that sets them apart as real leaders,” said Geary. “Kate is a top notch student, works really hard, and has a good sense of grounding,” said Geary. 

   Among her accomplishments, Moran is a National Merit Scholarship finalist and Presidential Scholars Program semifinalist. Becoming a National Merit semifinalist is based on PSAT scores, with students later writing an essay and a resume-like document, detailing things such as extracurricular activities and awards. Only about one percent of the nation becomes a finalist. The Presidential Scholars Program is first based on ACT and SAT scores, with students later submitting at least five essays and other applications. While writing this many essays seems like a lot of work, Moran has made the most out of it with a positive attitude. “I’m more of a mathematic, computer science, tech-minded student, but I do enjoy writing,” said Moran. 

   For the Congressional App Challenge, Moran designed a mobile application, available on the Apple app store, called Bee Organized. The Congressional App Challenge has students in a district, either alone or in teams, develop an app. The app Moran designed, Bee Organized, is a productivity tool made for students in particular to stay organized. Projects can be created with the steps or tasks for finishing the project within it. Steps are checked off, and the app will show what percentage of the project has been done in a progress bar. Reminders can be set for the projects. Moran was chosen as the winner in the competition for Wyoming. 

   After graduation, Moran plans on going to Purdue University, located in West Lafayette, Ind., to earn a degree in mathematics and computer sciences. With her interests in computer science, she is hoping to eventually work for the government in cybersecurity. “I just think it would be an awesome thing to do,” said Moran, “to help protect our nation, and our people’s data.” 

   Kate is the daughter of Kevin and Kelly Moran.


Moran’s accomplishments exhibit her academic success she has had throughout her high school career. Moran plans to attend Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana next fall (Ashley Cooper)