Baxter excels at his numerous extracurricular activities


Touring Columbia University in New York, Baxter enjoys the city’s attractions (Photo courtesy Grant Baxter)

Grant Baxter, a senior at Sheridan High School, has become a prized student to many teachers and faculty members. He is very involved in and outside of the high school; he is especially involved in many extracurricular clubs with leadership roles in each. 

   This year, Baxter has been in the works of starting a new club in the school called the Social Activism Club. During this upcoming Christmas season, the club is looking to start a fundraiser that may include the sale of pastries from a company called Butter Braids; Butter Braids are a tasty pastry company based out of Texas. All the proceeds raised by the fundraiser are going to be going to the new toy store in town, Kid Curious, and the programs that they are supporting.

   Furthermore, Sources of Strength is a growing club here at SHS, which Baxter is also a part of. This year Sources of Strength volunteered at the “Out of Darkness Walk,” which was hosted at the Whitney Commons in Sheridan onThursday Nov. 18, 2021. Sources of Strength has started a thankfulness initiative to kick start not only the Thanksgiving season but the Christmas season as well. The initiative consists of a gratitude journal where students and faculty write three things they are thankful for over a span of 21 days. At the end of the 21 days, the journals are submitted; several large prize baskets may be won by a lucky few that partake in the thankfulness initiative.  

  Moreover, Sheridan High School’s Student Council is working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation this year to help raise money for children that have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Thus far this year, the student council has hosted several helping hats fundraisers. These fundraisers include teachers, students, and faculty members across the school paying a minimum fee of one dollar to wear a hat for the duration of the day. The proceeds go in many different directions, sometimes local, other times straight to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Last school year, the SHS Student Council also did an activity through the school called “Miracle Minute” where one morning during the first period of the school day, representatives and council members scattered throughout the school and into classrooms to collect as much money as possible in the “Miracle Minute.” With the massive donations from students and faculty, the minute ended making a total of around $800. 

   The Student Council is in charge of many events across the school throughout the entire year. This year, they are also hoping to put on a winter formal dance at the Sheridan High School. Baxter is the executive treasurer in Student Council, so he is in charge of all of the finances and also helps to plan their activities and fundraisers.

   In addition, Speech and Debate is another one of Baxter’s many endeavors. Kimberly Ferguson is the Speech and Debate coach as well as a mentor for We the People. Ferguson has really gotten to know Baxter over the course of their working together and has grown quite fond of him. “I know directly the immense impact he has had on the Sheridan High School community,” said Ferguson. “Grant has an internal optimism; he tenaciously seeks out every opportunity to learn and challenges himself.” This year, Speech and Debate has only competed a few times, but the upcoming schedule looks quite promising. Baxter was a part of We the People during his junior year and this year, he is taking on a role of mentorship with the new junior class members. He is taking notes about meetings and writing reviews on students’ performances to help them be more successful in their debate competitions.

   Future Business Leaders of America, also known as FBLA, is another one of Baxter’s many endeavors. FBLA members are doing a blanket drive this season; each member is responsible for making at least one tie blanket to donate throughout the Sheridan community. The sale of cancer awareness t-shirts is another one of FBLA’s many fundraising undertakings; shirts are sold at a multitude of school-wide events including football games and the upcoming basketball games.

   Baxter is looking at a wide variety of colleges and universities. He is focused on schools located along the east coast, mainly in Boston, Mass. Depending on what college Baxter is attending will determine the degree he pursues; however, each is somewhat centered around business or entrepreneurship.