Carroll participates in many activities on path to Naval Academy


Carroll confidently completes her jump over the bar at the high jump events during a home meet at Sheridan High School. (Photo courtesy Ashley Cooper)

Senior Dulce Carroll is known throughout Sheridan High School as someone who makes people smile, excels academically, and is a genuinely caring teammate, classmate, and friend. Carroll is an active member of the indoor and outdoor track and field team, participating in high jump, 200-meter and 400-meter races. Her coach, Art Baures, who also was her teacher for AP Psychology junior year, said, “When I think of Dulce, I think of words like studious, conscientious, industrious, and self-motivated. She has an ability to be naturally inquisitive, and when she decides that she wants to dive into something that she’s interested in, she does it with a lot of enthusiasm.”

   Carroll has a very well-rounded character, offering kindness, empathy, and humor to every situation. One of her closest friends is senior Jenna Sweeny. “We’ve been friends since junior high, and her sense of humor has always drawn me closer to her,” said Sweeny. “We used to be in almost all of the same classes, and we spent a lot of time together. Dulce is a very compassionate girl, and I’m very appreciative to have her as a friend.” She finishes by saying that she is a very well-rounded human. Carroll is known to talk to someone as if they’ve been friends for years, an attribute that is a rarity. She loves to watch basketball and volleyball in high school, enjoying the social aspect of Sheridan High School. 

   Carroll further applies herself to orchestra and has done so since she was young. Playing the violin since she was five, she enjoys playing classical music because she views it as a huge part of how she was raised. “Orchestra is one of the only things that has always remained constant in my very hectic life, so I like it because it’s something I can rely on,” Carroll said. Still, it is not just a source of stability: she clearly excels in the subject. Carroll has participated in the All-State Orchestra for multiple years, which demonstrates her unwavering work ethic and passion for the instrument. “The violin is more than just an instrument, but something that has shaped my character and academic drive,” continued Carroll 

   One of Carroll’s best friends, Grace Harper, said, “The highlights of my day most always come from our time in orchestra class.” In her other classes, Carroll applies herself just as much, noting that her favorites this year are AP Physics and AP Calculus. 

   Carroll’s college plans include her intention to attend the Naval Academy to pursue a major in aerospace engineering with a minor in electrical engineering. To Carroll, the Naval Academy is appealing because she is interested in becoming a pilot and says she is “more likely to get to fly planes, specifically fast ones, instead of focusing on working them as you would do in the Air Force Academy.” While the Naval Academy isn’t based on flying, the Navy comes in second (right behind the Air Force) for the number of planes they have, meaning she would still have ample opportunities to fly. Although unsure, she is considering participating in the orchestra at the Naval Academy as well. While this prestigious school, to many, may seem too difficult, Carroll is used to facing challenges head-on, partaking in many difficult tasks in her athletic, academic, and social events.

   In addition to her exceptional academic record, success in her sports, and musical ability, Carroll is a member of National Honors Society, where she enjoys getting involved in her community. NHS is made up of the most academically acclaimed students who follow four fundamental character pillars–scholarship, character, leadership, and service–and to be a part of this club alone speaks volumes to Carroll’s character. She notes that her most valued pillar is that of service, saying that it is the “one which separates NHS from other clubs, and when you serve other people you’re also serving yourself.” Additionally, she is an active member of Sources of Strength, where she helps to uplift her peers in Sheridan High School by increasing awareness for suicide prevention and providing an outlet for those struggling. While she does not have a concrete idea of what she wants to do after college, she knows she wants to help and serve people on a very large scale. “I think there are some fundamental things that if changed could help a lot of people,” said Carroll,  continuing by saying that serving people is “one of the key things in my life that I am meant to do.” 

Carroll is the daughter of Julie and Justin Carroll.