Bilyeu uses her determination past high school


Courtesy Madi Katschke

Bilyeu and her family celebrate after her state tennis win.

   Senior Sydni Bilyeu has grown to become a leader in both the classroom and the various activities she is involved in at Sheridan High School. People throughout the community know Bilyeu because of her hard work, perseverance and willingness to give it her all in whatever she does. 

   Bilyeu has been a member of the SHS tennis team for the past four years, starting out as a freshman, but eventually growing into a senior leader who supports her team on and off the tennis court. Bilyeu started out freshman year playing two doubles, then sophomore year played one doubles. Over the seasons, with hard work and dedication, Bilyeu slowly moved her way to one singles, which is the top position on the girls team. Playing one singles meant that Bilyeu would be going against the most skilled and toughest matches throughout the state of Wyoming. 

   Although Bilyeu would be challenged her senior season, she had some goals prepared beforehand, which she did complete. “I wanted to finish in the top four at regionals and get all-conference, which I did,” said Bilyeu. “I also wanted to all-state all four years which happened for me too.” Overall, Bilyeu’s record for her senior season was 15-5, and she placed 5th at state, making her season mostly successful.

   Aside from Bilyeu’s individual successes, Head Tennis Coach Kelley Glackin had nothing but honorable things to say about her. “Sydni is pretty coachable, and she always tries hard,” said Glackin. “Even as a freshman, you could tell her that she needed to do x, y, or z, and she would try her best.” Glackin reports that Bilyeu is someone who likes to work hard to win, and puts in the time that it takes to be successful, speaking a lot to who she is as a person and not just a player. 

   Bilyeu does not just work hard in her activities outside of school, but she pushes herself in the classroom. This year, Bilyeu is taking AP Stats, AP Psychology, AP Physics, English 1010, Peer Helpers, and an internship at the hospital. Taking three out of five AP classes along with an internship involves commitment and dedication, two qualities of which Bilyeu possesses. 

   “I like my internship because of the hands-on experience in the medical field, and I get to see patients and expand my knowledge in the medical field,” said Bilyeu. She is planning on majoring in oncology when she graduates. 

   When Bilyeu leaves SHS, she will miss the tennis culture the most. “I’ll miss the team the most,” said Bilyeu. “I love it. It’s just so fun to play tennis; we are all here for each other, and we always have a good time when we are together.” 

   Bilyeu will also be leaving her sister, Ella Bilyeu, who is a freshman this year. Ella Bilyeu looks up to her sister for many reasons and will miss having her be a part of the team. “She’s kind of like one of my personal coaches and one of my biggest supporters,” said Ella Bilyeu. “She’s always there to help me work on what I can improve on.” She has been watching her sister play for the past four years, learning what to do when she reached the high school level. 

  Throughout the past four years, Bilyeu has also grown into a major leader within the tennis team, and has shown the younger classes what it means to be a senior leader. Because of Bileyu’s leadership and support to the people around her, it brings the tennis team closer together, and people look up to her because of it. Glackin believes that because of Bilyeu’s leadership and work ethic, she is capable of doing whatever she wants in the future. “Sydni likes to work hard for what she wants, so whatever she decides to do, I’m sure she’s going to be successful because she will put in the time it takes to be good at it,” said Glackin. Although Bilyeu will be missed in the tennis team and SHS, she will succeed at whatever she decides to do because of her dedication, perseverance, and outstanding leadership.

   Bilyeu is the daughter of Chris and Brandi Bilyeu.