Spielman reaches goals academically and athletically


Courtesy Ashley Cooper

Spielman will be attending the University of Wyoming and is considering studying business.

   At the end of many people’s high school careers, students would like to say that they succeeded and are proud of the accomplishments they made over their past four years. Sheridan High School’s senior Samantha Spielman is a perfect example of that.

   One of Spielman’s biggest accomplishments is being a multi-sport athlete, playing both basketball and golf. For the past few years, Spielmen has placed for three years in a row. During Spielman’s sophomore year, she was a state champion while shooting a 76 and 75 strokes in 18 holes. In her junior year, Spielman placed third, where she had a total of 82 strokes for all 18 holes. For her senior year, Spielman won by four shots with a total score of 146, while shooting an outstanding 73 in both rounds. Although Joe Quinn, Spielman’s golf coach, has only been coaching her for one year, he has seen growth in her throughout the season as not only a player but as a person. “Her character overall grew during the season,” said Quinn. “I think she became more trusting in herself because she had some ups and downs in her season, and I think being able to persevere more through those times developed her character.”

   Since she was five, Spielman started her career in golf, all thanks to her family. “My dad and my grandpa were the ones who got me into golfing,” said Spielman. She not only puts in the time to advance her score in golf, but she enjoys spending time with her teammates. “My favorite thing about golf is probably the people I get to play with,” said Spielman. “That’s probably my favorite thing about the team itself too. Everyone gets along with each other, and we all mesh super well.” Spielman’s coaches and teachers have nothing but great things to say about her, and they constantly comment on her dedication. “One quality that stands out about her is definitely her work ethic,” said Quinn. “Every day before practice, she was usually there 15-20 minutes before, practicing, and then if the weather was nice enough, she would go play nine holes, which is probably another hour to hour and a half.” Not only did she show her work ethic in golf over the season, she was a leader to the younger classmen, showing them through her actions what it means to have a true dedication to something. 

   Spielman would like to continue her golf career through college, and recently, verbally, she committed to the University of Wyoming, a DivisionⅠschool in Laramie, Wyoming. Spielman is not only a talented athlete but also an excellent student, shown by her challenging schedule and weighted 4.11 grade point average. Spielman is currently taking English 1010, Chemistry, AP Spanish, AP Calculus, Macroeconomics, and Weight Training. Her most challenging course is Macroeconomics, but she perseveres and isn’t afraid to take the challenges head on. Isaac VanDyke, Spielman’s AP Calculus teacher, enjoys having Spielman in class and is very confident in what her future holds. “I think her future is bright because of how great of a person she is,” said VanDyke. “There is no limit as to what she can do, with her work ethic and dedication and all around demeanor, she will be very successful, and I’m excited to see where she’s going to be.” 

   Not only does Spielman’s hard work and dedication show on the golf course, it also shows in the classroom. Spielman constantly puts in the extra time and commitment to her school work, and her teachers appreciate her taking ownership in her own learning. “She’s very hard working,” said VanDyke. “When she was gone a lot for golf, she would always come in when she had extra time to get caught up on her work, and she always found a way to get things turned in and keep up with her grades.” Spielman is not quite set on what she would like to major in once she reaches Laramie, Wyoming; however, she is considering pursuing some type of business.  

   Before Spielman graduates, she still has goals she would like to complete. “One of my goals is to just enjoy the rest of high school and make the most of what I have left,” said Spielman. When she graduates and heads on to bigger and better things, she will have no issue with making new friends, considering her genuine and humble personality, something that sticks out to VanDyke. “Sam is just a genuinely nice, kind person,” said VanDyke. “I like a person who goes out of their way to talk to people around them. I like how humble she is and she’s obviously very talented. You wouldn’t know that about her because she never gloats and is just really humble.” Spielman will not only be missed once she leaves high school, but she will miss the friends and bonds she has made throughout the past four years. “I mean, you go to school with the same people your whole life and then you have to leave them, so it’s hard to do that,” said Spielman. 

   Although Spielman will be missed by many of the staff and students from SHS, there is no doubt that she will succeed in whatever she chooses to do because of her work ethic and dedication to the activities she takes part in. 

   Spielman is the daughter of Christy and Jason Spielman.