Akers pursues interests in athletics and environment at UW


Courtesy Logan Gilbertz

Austin Akers aims to pursue environmental science and botany. He also plans to run for the University of Wyoming. (Photo courtesy Logan Gilbertz)

   Austin Akers is a bright intellectual who is involved in a plethora of activities in and out of school. Akers enjoys doing a lot of photography and videography, and his work with these is incredible. Other than that, Akers loves to seek out many outdoor activities including skiing, running, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, and sails a little in the summer. “All the activities that I’m doing have really brought a lot of independence in my life,” said Akers. When Akers is out being adventurous, he has to think for himself and do things by himself. “The independence that I’ve gained has definitely helped shape who I am today,” said Akers.

   “My mom and dad have been huge influences in my life,” said Akers. He looks up to his parents and respects the things that they do. Akers values spending time with his family. “We do a family vacation every summer,” said Akers. His family has traveled to some fun places the past few years including the Glacier National Park and Alaska. Austin’s dad owns the local Qdoba in Sheridan, so when Austin is not inspiring others or going on cool adventures, he will clock in and help out in the restaurant. 

   Akers participates in cross country and track. “My coaches have helped me and have been very influential in life,” said Akers. He is very impactful to the teams’ success throughout his high school career. This year Akers has been very successful in cross country, being the number one runner for the Sheridan Cross Country team. His coaches are pushing him to get even better and more successful. Akers has been able to help both the track and the cross country team thrive the past four years, even when he was just a freshman. Akers wrapped up his senior year by placing ninth at state. The top ten runners qualify for all-state, which Akers has been able to do all four years of his high school career. Akers is the fourth boy to do so in 4A cross country. His running career will not end at the high school level though; Akers is committed to run at the University of Wyoming. 

   While at the University of Wyoming, Akers is double majoring in botany and environment and natural resources. Akers is preparing for the next level both academically and athletically in many ways. Akers has taken seven advanced placement classes. The majority of those classes are going towards his two majors at UW. On the athletics side of preparation, Akers is sticking to a more gradual running plan. This way he is still improving but not overworking anything. If he overworks their body, he’s in serious risk of getting injured. Akers is trying to increase the volume of his running in a way that is comfortable. Akers is setting himself up for success not only at the college level, but also for the rest of his life from the exceptional work ethic he has, disciplined training he does, and the healthy habits he has established at such a young age. The work Akers is putting in now will later on reflect in his life, which is a very positive thing he has going for him. 

   Akers hopes to pursue a career dealing with environmental science and botany. Aker’s experience in the outdoors has led him to be very intrigued with the study of plants and wildlife. Being in that atmosphere sparked his desire to pursue environmental science studies. While Akers is exploring nature, he loves to take many pictures and videos. He is not just any photographer either, as Akers does a lot of quality work and puts a lot of time and effort into each masterpiece he creates. Akers even has his own website online showing off his great photography. His website is called “Akers Cinema,” and it is a very clean and organized website. Akers also does some photography work for the school. In the past, he has created some amazing shots using his drone. No matter what Akers ends up doing, he is bound to be very successful at it, due to his high quality life traits. 

   Akers, overall, is a man of many skills and traits that were built on his hard work, dedication, and pure passion in the activities he partakes in.. One may even compare Akers to a Swiss Army Knife due to his various abilities and hobbies. Akers works very hard in what he does in and out of school, and still has time to be a nice and happy person to the students who come across him. It is almost impossible to walk past Akers and not see a smile on his face.

   Akers son of Patrick and JennaRae Akers.