Feck strives to accomplish goal of helping others


Feck is a beloved student, athlete and friend. (Photo courtesy Gretchen McCafferty)

   Senior Evan Feck is the definition of happy here at Sheridan High School. He is a positive and encouraging light that is constantly looking to brighten everyone else’s day. He is loved by students, teachers and administration.

   This year, Feck has taken on a heavy class load, trying to get himself prepared for the lengthy years of college ahead of him. He is taking multiple AP and dual and concurrent enrollment courses through the high school including AP Biology, AP Spanish and AP Statistics, as well as Human Anatomy and Physiology. Spanish has been a passion of his, as he loves learning the language, and it provides him challenges many others may not be able to experience unless learning another language. Long-time Spanish teacher at SHS, Kathy Good, has only positive remarks regarding Feck. “He’s so genuine and so kind,” said Good. “He’s a great student; he is such a kind human being. It doesn’t matter who he’s working with; he is good at bringing out the best in other people.” Even though Good has only known Feck for the past three years, she has loved working with him. “He’s one of those people you wish you’d known longer, but people come and go at the time they’re supposed to.” As for his biology and anatomy classes, they are more geared towards preparation for his life after high school. While he finds them both very interesting as classes, they are also helping him to get a leg up when it comes to beginning a health science degree.

   Aside from the educational side of things, Feck is also involved in several extracurricular activities and sports. He is involved in swimming, golf, National Honor Society, and Spanish Club. One of his biggest inspirations when it comes to being so involved is his parents. They both pushed him to explore new activities and take those opportunities to meet new people. Being a part of We The People last year was one of the major high school stepping stones that challenged Feck and pushed him out of his comfort zone. While he is proud of the way he gets along with others, We The People challenged him on another level, to get along and collaborate with a group of people. Regarding sports, Feck began participating in swimming in second grade and has continued throughout high school. The most memorable part of it all was just getting to be part of the team and, especially this year, be a leader and encouragement to the other members of the team. Even though he may not have always been the strongest or fastest swimmer, he has taken it upon himself to be supportive of his team no matter his own circumstances.

   Feck has taken his whole college journey very seriously and has been applying for scholarships for the last couple of months. He was awarded the “Trustees Scholarship” through the University of Wyoming, in Laramie, Wyo., where he plans to attend to pursue dentistry. This scholarship is quite prestigious, and few students are selected for it even after the lengthy application process as well as multiple interviews. Even as a kid, he had these aspirations of someday becoming a dentist or something similar. He always had really great experiences with the dentist. His dentist was supportive and did not shy away from explaining things and letting him explore the things he was interested in when it came to dentistry. In the field of dentistry, Feck wants the opportunity to help others and give kids the same amazing experiences that he had.

   Feck’s foundation is his family. His family, his parents especially, have pushed him in school, activities, and ultimately life. Feck is the oldest of three siblings. His sister is in high school and his younger brother is in elementary. While it can definitely be a challenge, he loves being able to be a positive role model for his siblings. For his younger brother, Tyler, it can be a struggle to look up to Feck while not necessarily comparing himself or feeling that he has to live up to his older brother’s success. His family has encouraged him to not only be a good student and teammate, but a good person as well. 

   It pays to stay on top of things and keep up the grades; it really pays off in the long run. Feck has been a star student with a great relationship with each of his teachers. He has worked hard throughout high school for them. His philosophy is that the teachers of this school do so much for their students and strive so hard to see their students be successful, they deserve students who work hard and meet them halfway. While Feck has managed to stay motivated and supported throughout high school, he knows that many other students are struggling. Feck advises classmates to “keep working; it’s gonna pay off eventually,” said Feck. “Even if you’re not seeing the end product or goal right now, it’s going to pay off eventually it’s gonna be worth all the work someday. Especially for upperclassmen, you’re this close, don’t give up yet. Just keep pushing. Don’t give up on your goals and dreams.”

   Everyone should take a little bit of the “Evan Feck attitude” with them off to whatever journey is ahead of them.   

   Feck is the son of Jeff and Jodi Feck.