Powers finds lifelong passion in wrestling


Powers plans to pursue his passion of wrestling after high school. (Photo courtesy Gretchen McCafferty)

   Extracurricular activities and sports are in place to show children and young adults just what their possible passions are. For senior Kolten Powers, wrestling is one passion that is sure to be life-long. Powers has wrestled nearly his entire life, and there is nothing else that is such an obvious passion for him. From strangers to his close friends and family watching him on the wrestling mat, it is clear that wrestling is and always will be a passion for Powers. Powers is a Sheridan High School wrestler, and there is nothing that fits him more. 

   This year Powers is wrestling on varsity, as he has done so for all four years of high school. He is wrestling at 210 pounds. Powers has competed for 14 years now after his mom, Amber Powers, signed him up when he was younger and Powers decided to stick with it throughout his life. Powers builds on the physical challenge that wrestling carries. He turns the fight, both with another individual and his personal limits, into strength. “Wrestling has made me a strong individual that understands sacrifices for myself and the team,” said Powers. 

   “He is more of an aggressive wrestler and his height isn’t the most typical so that definitely separates him from other wrestlers, but he is one heck of a wrestler,” said Powers’s friend and teammate, senior Dawson Goss. Powers is grateful for all of his teachers that understand the sacrifices that come with his sport and continue to congratulate him as he battles for success in each match. 

   One of Powers’s biggest influencers is his wrestling coach, Mark Lane. He has taught Powers a multitude of lessons, valuable both on and off the mat. “He is always teaching me new things and is helping me anywhere I need it,” said Powers. Powers is also eternally grateful for his father, Kris Powers, who has been there for him as he continues to grow not only as an outstandingly strong athlete but into the successful person that he is today. “My dad understands the parts of wrestling that are tough,” said Powers. “All of the weight cuts and management and the long hours of practice needed to get to where I am today.” 

   Powers’s favorite memories within the sport of wrestling are all of the trips that were made with friends and the high school bus rides headed back home from a dual or tournament. Powers is extremely thankful for all of the relationships and life-long bonds that have spurred from wrestling and his journey throughout the sport. Although wrestling is an individual battle on the mat, those surrounding and supporting create a tremendous impact, as Powers has learned. “He went from not placing at state to a state finalist within a year, and if that doesn’t show determination and growth, then I don’t know what does,” said Goss. The support that he has gained within his years of wrestling has held a great influence on Powers’s life up to this point. The sport of wrestling has transformed Powers into the patient, hardworking and respectful person that he is today. “Wrestling made him tougher, but it also just made him an overall better person,” said Goss. Wrestling will forever hold a place in Powers’s heart and life as he plans to wrestle throughout college and eventually have his future children be wrestlers as well. 

   Powers plans to attend Montana State University Northern in Havre, Montana, in hopes to study business and electrical. He chose to follow this path due to his background knowledge regarding the careers and because of the life-long positive privileges that come with it. Powers hopes to continue on this journey in order to eventually move back to Sheridan to find his own business along with assisting his dad with his businesses, Wyoming’s Finest Outfitter and 307 Pro Foa. Powers will carry wrestling on throughout his education, through wrestling for MSU, and life post high school. “ I just wish him the best of luck and hope he stays in the wrestling world down the road,” said Lane. His life-long dream regarding wrestling is to earn the title of national champion in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. 

   Powers’ favorite chapter overall in his high school career has been wrestling. His advice to the generations below him in SHS is to stay consistent with their work and stay on top of tasks rather than be behind and have to attempt to catch up. In relation to this, Powers’s words of wisdom for the younger wrestlers is to, “keep good grades because it will help you in the end,” said Powers. “Don’t change what you do, just change how you decide to do it.” 

   Powers has found his lifelong passion for the challenging yet deeply rewarding sport of wrestling. “He is such a genuine person,” said Lane. “Kolten is there not only for himself, but for everyone else around him.” Through his journey, the support from the people around him, and the lessons he has learned, Powers has transformed into the true statement of what it means to not only love what you do but to do what you love as well. “Wrestling has helped build a rock solid foundation that will only help Kolten in his future endeavors,” said Lane. “By this I mean his work ethic, being prompt, committed, and never giving up.” Wrestling and all of the intertwinings within the sport are what have made Powers the devoted, successful athlete he is today but also has created the passionate, prosperous version of himself that stands in the future. 

   Powers is the son of Kris and Amber Powers.