Hoffmann follows environmental career path to college


At the University of Arizona, Hoffmann hopes to major in a subject that will allow her to pursue environmental sustainability and minor in Spanish. (Photo courtesy Ashley Cooper)

   When it comes to dedicated students, senior Annie Hoffmann is at the top of the list. She is a well-rounded student, dedicated to her studies and a joy to have in the school.

   Hoffmann is a part of multiple organizations at the school. “I really like being involved,” said Hoffmann. “I like being busy. I don’t like sitting around, so it really connects me with the community and with a lot of people in the school and outside of the school.” Last year, she participated in Sheridan’s We the People team, which won the state competition. She is the vice-president in the student council. This means she leads meetings when the president is gone and facilitates activities. In addition, Hoffmann participates in Big Brothers Big Sisters, where she meets with her “little” and acts as a guide or mentor.

   Claire Gerber, the advisor for National Honors Society and English teacher, enjoys having Hoffmann in class and as a volunteer. While some students join NHS and only do the minimum required, Hoffmann has proven herself to be a hard worker over the course of junior and senior year. “I appreciate the students that step up in multiple situations and for multiple events and Annie is one of those,” said Gerber. “She does a good job volunteering outside her normal comfort zone.”

   Hoffmann is a high achiever in the classroom, too. Currently, she is taking multiple college level classes, including AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics and dual enrollments such as Judicial Functions and Counseling Ethics. Currently, she takes English 2010, or Intro to Public Speaking, where students give multiple speeches throughout the year to their classmates. While most students fear public speaking, this is not apparent in Hoffmann. “She always approaches assignments in a creative manner that is really engaging and entertaining for her audiences,” said Gerber. 

   Although Hoffmann has lived in Sheridan her whole life, she is excited for the next step into college, which will be the University of Arizona in Tucson. There, she plans on majoring in Environmental Studies. While she does not have a career in mind, Hoffmann would like to do something with environmental sustainability. Currently, her Environmental Science class is helping her along that path. “That’s something that’s helped me realize I do like that stuff a lot,” said Hoffmann. “I feel like I already know a lot about the world around me. Living in Sheridan I spend a lot of time outside.” The five years of Spanish classes under her belt have prepared her for a minor in Spanish. After all the time she has spent learning the language, she is working on becoming fluent so that her work is not put to waste. 

   In fourth grade, Hoffmann started playing basketball, and continued playing until junior year for the Lady Broncs team. Over the years she has also participated in tennis and soccer. While she does not plan on pursuing sports in college, she may join intramural teams. “I plan to focus on my education, working, and branching out in other ways, but I still love to workout and stay in shape,” said Hoffmann.

   Outside of school, Hoffmann does a lot of physical activities, including lifting weights and going on walks. She also enjoys art and spending time with her friends and family. Her parents and older sisters are a large influence in her life. “I’m really close with all of them,” said Hoffmann. “They’re always there for me, and I can always talk to them.”

   The determination and dedication of Hoffmann is evident throughout everything Hoffmann does, from her school studies to clubs to personal life. This will, undoubtedly, benefit her throughout her college life and into her career.

   Annie is the daughter of Robin and Sam Hoffmann.