We the People wins state competition, on to Nationals


Adam Berry

Juniors Andrew Windsor, Anne Lyman, Clayton Partridge, and Maya Gilmore rehearse their essay questions in preparation for state. This is the first time We The People have made nationals in six years.

Monday, Jan. 13, 23 students and one government teacher were MIA at SHS. Tyson Emborg’s AP government class was in Laramie, competing in the We the People state championship. The SHS team won first place and is headed to nationals in Washington D.C. in late April.

To prepare, the students spent all first semester writing and revising essays in six different “units,” which are like mini teams that focus on specific parts of the Constitution. During the competition, the units read their essays and answer any questions the judges may have of them to show their understanding of the Constitution and how it applies everyday situations. The units are awarded points in accordance with the completeness and efficiency of their answers. The SHS We the People team had the top scores in four of their six units.

Senior Samuel Sanders showed his pride and competitiveness, saying, “We stomp our competition’s heads in until the Constitution comes out their ears.”

2009 was the last time SHS had a champion We the People team, and last year’s team placed second. This year, it was a battle between Cheyenne East and SHS to the top.

Junior Cameron Craft said, “While waiting for the results, Emborg told us to ‘win with class,’ but when we won, I acted like a little kid.”

And Junior Bradley Holloway said, “I’ve never been so nervous about anything in my life.”

Emborg noted that the team’s success was a community effort and is thankful for the support the team received from many community members, including Senator Burns, Representative Patton, and Laura Jahiel.

Between now and April, the AP Government class will work hard to write a series of new essays and prepare cases for the questioning at nationals.