Modern Gentleman is inspirational to all


Allison Kruse

Senior Aaron Campbell embodies the ideal SHS student. Between his passion for sports, academics, and extracurriculars, Campbell demonstrates exemplary work etheric, positive attitude, and willingness to help others.

Aaron Campbell is the senior most people know as a track star and a musician in both the band and the symphony orchestra. But under the surface, Campbell is a self motivated survivor and an inspiration to his peers and younger siblings.

For Campbell, hard work and dedication is the name of his game. On a typical day after practice, he does his homework and goes to bed early – around 8:30. “He’s so diligent…he is super committed to what he’s doing,” said track head coach Art Bauers. “He’s focused and he’s a great person. In other words, he’s a great teammate.”

In his sophomore year, Campbell made All-State and took sixth at Simplot in track. “It really is a hobby, after all the time you put into it,” said Campbell. In his freshman year, Campbell ruptured his ACL and damaged his meniscus; his sophomore year, he ruptured his ACL a second time, and his junior year he fractured his metatarsals. “He’s really inspirational…after all his problems, he never stops trying,” said his younger sister, sophomore Katie.

Campbell, who is strongly involved in Student Council, said, “I like feeling like I’m actually doing something to help.” Most Friday afternoons during early out, Campbell can be found tutoring through Honor Society.

When asked about where he gets his inspiration, Campbell said, “Inspiration? You mean why I do all those things? Those are things I enjoy doing…sports I enjoy, academics I even enjoy…I want to be able to look back and be proud of what I did.”

Campbell is also an inspiration for those around him. “He has tons of compassion for everyone. He wants everybody to succeed,” said Bauers. “He could go anywhere in this nation, to any high school, and he would be a role model, because of his attitude, his behavior, and how he treats other people.”

Campbell is the older brother to triplets Katie, Sarah, and Zach Campbell. “Having three siblings the same age is difficult, but it’s fun. I mean, everyone’s different…We’re pretty supportive of each other,” said Campbell.

“He’s there to help us when we need it. It’s nice,” said Sarah. “When I’m stressed out, he helps calm me down.”

“A lot of times we’ll ask him about math questions and he’ll answer. And he’ll help us with other stuff in life too,” said Zach.

Not only is he an inspiration to his teammates, Campbell is an inspiration to his younger siblings as well. “He set the standard to get good grades and to be as good as possible in life and we all try to measure up to that and do as good as that if not better,” said Zach.

“He definitely set the standard high, and well, I’m getting up there,” said Sarah.

Even though Bauers jokes, “It’s always win win with him,” Campbell does in fact know how to relax. “We like to play video games and stuff. I like hanging out with him when I can,” said Zach.

Campbell’s life goals include acquiring a decent education, getting a good job, and raising a strong family. Although he’s not yet sure about where he will be going to college or what he wants to do for a career, Campbell says he wants to study electrical engineering.

Campbell’s father, Bill Campbell, owns and operates the Centennial Theaters in downtown Sheridan. Campbell doesn’t currently have plans to take over the theaters after his father, although he acknowledges it as a possibility and good opportunity.

Aaron is the son of Bill and Kelly Campbell.