Spring has sprung…well, kind of

Spring can’t seem to find a foothold


Lauren Sarantopulos

Flowers struggle to break through the harsh, unforgiving winter.

  Sheridan’s schizophrenic weather has always been one of my personal pet peeves. It can be sunny one moment and blizzarding the next. In the past few weeks SHS halls have been filled with shorts and parkas, flip flops and sweaters.

  The student body along with the weather can’t seem to make up its mind. The only thing one can do is try to stay optimistic and wait for school to end and spring to arrive. Junior Marissa Hegy is one of those optimistic students. “I like spring and I’m excited to see the grass and ride my bike again,” Hegy said.

  Having the four specific seasons here in Sheridan is an experience many other states don’t get to have. Although, with the constantly changing temperatures comes the hiatus of many activities. When the first flakes began to fall, gardeners must put away their tools, hikers must put away their packs, and soccer players must practice inside.

  Fortunately, the cold weather allows for many other activities as the winter olympics have proven. Skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and skating are just a few. Sophomore Samantha Hamilton talked about about her favorite winter activities. “I love the winter, it’s my favorite season. It allows me to enjoy snowboarding and snowshoeing.”

  Others are not so enthusiastic about the cold weather. “It kills me every time the snow falls,” said freshman Zach Gale. “I’m excited for the weather to warm up again during spring break.” Luckily for Zach and Marissa the temperatures next week will be ranging in the 60s. Time to break out the swimsuits…well maybe not.