Why snowboarding is better than skiing


Snowboarding was first created in the 1960s by surfing enthusiasts. However, the boards of old are not the snowboards seen on the slopes today. The rider stood on a sled and held on to a rope. No special boots or bindings were required.

It wasn’t until the late ’70s and early ’80s that the first snowboarding pioneers, such as Jake Burton Carpenter and Dimitrije Milovich, created the snowboards, bindings, and boots like the modern ones used today.

Snowboarding is the fastest growing winter sport. Since 1997, the percentage of skiers has declined by 30% ad the percentage of snowboarders has increased by 77%. Although snowboarders still only contribute to about 25% of ski report visitors, research shows by the year 2020, the population of snowboarders is predicted to overtake that of skiers.

One of the best things about snowboarding is the culture surrounding the sport. It was started by teenagers and young men in their twenties who had laid back lifestyles. Skiers would categorize them as “lazy, grungy punks, stoners, and troublemakers.”

“There’s few old people snowboarding; it’s for the kids,” said snowboarding junior Griff Milner.

The culture of this chilly outdoor activity can easily be categorized as a young-person’s hobby, but don’t underestimate the temptation of the sport, as it may very well draw in a few unlikely contenders.

Any snowboarding enthusiast could name off its many advantages. In comparison to skiing, snowboarding is a lot less mental work. Skiers have to keep track of the direction their feet are pointing, and they must be sure to keep their ski poles in the correct place to avoid tripping over them. When snowboarding, a person’s feet are strapped onto the same object; one can just glide down the mountain on a slick blanket of snow without the hassle of poles to trip over or the worry that one foot might somehow face the wrong direction.

Snowboarders tend to enjoy the powder on the moutons more than most skiers. If people who have experience with both sports were asked about the difference when riding through powder on a snowboard and on skis, they would most likely respond about how much more fun, free, and enjoyable the fresh, white snow is on a snowboard.

Senior Titus Brown said that his favorite thing to do is “just find powder and get lost in the day. Going up the mountain to find it snowing, but not too cold is just heaven.”

Whether you are a snowboarding fan or not, the sport is growing. As yesterday’s early boarders have families and raise children, they too will embrace the sport. So, why not head to the closest ski resort and give snowboarding a try? Be one of the people to help catapult the percentage of snowboarders above skiers.