Super Bowl Preview


Richard Sherman cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks. Sherman has been very vocal in press conferences concerning his performance and the Super Bowl.

  As a fan, the Super Bowl is a time when friends and family meet together to watch two teams play for a national championship. Cheesy car commercials mixed with the new doritos attempt to make more money will bring laughs not forgotten until next year.

  This year, the 2014 Super Bowl features two fan favorite teams: the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos.

    The Denver Broncos are slightly favored above the Seahawks by a two point margin. According to ESPN, Seattle does not have a dynamic offense that will be able to exploit the Broncos defense. Peyton Manning, 37, is also assuming a role that Ray Lewis held last year in the Ravens Super Bowl title. He is the veteran that is looking to win at least one more Super Bowl ring before retiring. Now, although it is not necessarily certain that Manning will retire he is the leader of the Broncos offense and it can be assured that the Broncos are going to be very difficult to beat.

  However, Seattle is not without its strengths. A fierce run game led by Marshawn Lynch and a stingy defence are the highlights of this young Seahawks team. In order to compete, the front four defensive lineman will have to put considerable pressure on Manning, who arguably has one of the quickest release times in the league. Manning has mastered getting rid of the ball quickly and if Seattle can take away his quick reads they might be able to wreak havoc behind the line of scrimmage. If everything goes according to plan, it won’t be surprising if they pull off the upset over the AFC championship Broncos.

   Recently, attention has been drawn to the remarks Richard Sherman has made concerning himself as the “Best corner in the game.” The top ranked corner for the Seahawks is not afraid to express his opinion and is making it apparent that he wants to be known as “the best.” Despite his trash talking and arrogant attitude, Sherman is quite intelligent boasting a 3.7 GPA at Stanford University and a degree in Communications. He is currently working towards his Masters degree. However it doesn’t matter how smart Sherman is, if he truly is the best corner in the game he wouldn’t have to tell everyone because everyone would already know.