Talent on ice: SHS figure skaters finish season

Elizabeth Winnop performs “Fire.”

As the sun shines and the snow melts, most students rejoice. However, for a few select girls, the end of the ice means the end of their favorite sport– figure skating.

Elizabeth Winnop, Catherine Winnop, Molly Butler, Jessica Ross, and Katelyn Kayser are SHS’s own figure skaters. These girls wait all year for the ice to freeze over so they can practice their moves at the local ice rink.

“I love figure skating because it is such an individualized sport that requires me to be very in charge and driven, but there is also a very good team environment,” said junior Elizabeth Winnop.

The girls displayed their talent at the Sheridan rink on Saturday, March 7. Despite the freezing weather, the girls performed well and drew a crowd of over one hundred people.

With only nine girls in the Sheridan Ice Figure Skating Club, the girls are very close knit.

Sophomore Catherine Winnop emphasized the team’s bond: “We’re definitely closer than most teams at the competitions. We rely on each other for help. Others girls usually depend solely on their coaches.”

With the rink recently closed, the SHS figure skaters will have to wait until late next November before they can skate again.