Hockey season skates off


Bailey Carlin

Junior Molly Mann looks on the rink and assesses her team’s position.

The boys and girls youth hockey teams have both started off their seasons strong. Coach Zane Garsted for the boys team explains, “Hockey is a combination of mental and physical toughness, camaraderie, teamwork, speed, skill and finesse.”

This year, the girls hockey team has had an increase of five new players added to the team, which brings the roster up to 14 girls from the non they had last year.

While blasting their team song, “Hollaback Girl,” SHS junior and alternative captain Molly Mann said, “This sport has helped me and my teammates create friendships that will las a lifetime.” The entire team is in agreement that they play to win half the games they play, and make it to state again. So far, the girls are 2-2.

Coach Galen Chase says, “I’m most proud of how hard all the girls work and their great attitudes. Hockey is a very challenging sport both mentally and physically, and our girls do great at both.” Chase went on to say, “Regardless of how well we do, I want them to have lots of great memories of their time on the ice.”

The boys hockey team has started their season positively with two impressive wins agains the Pinedale Glaciers.

Junior Griff Milner sarcastically said, “Hockey’s more than just hitting people. Not much more, but there’s a little more to it.” Milner addd, “It’s driven by individual skill levels, while still retaining the aspect of other team sports as far as working together for the end results.” Ice hockey is a tough mental and physical sport that takes extreme dedication and hard work.

All players and coaches have an optimistic outlook on the rest of the season as long as they stick together. Milner said, “Anyone can shoot a puck, but it takes a team to make a score.”