Coon demonstrates leadership and work in community

   In school and athletics, there is a common phrase: “You can control two things, your attitude and your effort.” Senior Garrett Coon lives by this throughout his sports and academic life. Coon is known for his hard work ethic in the weight room, on the football field, and vocal leadership role for the team. 

   Going into Coon’s junior and senior year, he was the top point leader in the weight room for his off-season work. “You’ll see him giving rides to underclassmen, making sure they’re in the weight room, and making sure they do things right,” said football head coach Jeff Mowry. “He’s a leader by example, but he will also call people out if necessary.” He started at linebacker his sophomore year, while leading the state in tackles and started as a junior as a running back and linebacker. Throughout those two years, he gained knowledge watching leaders come in and out and how they treated the underclassmen. So far during Coon’s senior year, he has had to take on a different type of leadership role for the team. “He’s taken on a lot more of a vocal role on the team, and that’s something that has really benefited us as a whole,” said senior quarterback Jacob Boint. The running back and linebacker has also gained experience in big games and how to not get too pressured by the situation. 

   Coon has multiple offers from schools such as Carroll College, Chadron State, Dickinson State, Rocky Mountain College, and Black Hills State University.  He looks to extend his football career and have the opportunity to play at one of these schools. He has sustained a 3.47 GPA in which he credits sports for forcing him to stay eligible for every week. In college, Coon wants to take Exercise Sciences and work his way up to a strength and conditioning coach. 

   On the field, Coon takes almost everything seriously. He practices at an intensity that many players struggle to attain even during games. While intense on the field, off the field he is an outgoing person with a humorous personality. “In addition to being a great football player, he’s a great person,” said Mowry. “He takes care of everybody. He puts others before himself and is a servant leader.” Coon tries his best to show he cares, whether that be through support or instruction. Mowry’s son comes to practice and Coon is always the first one to ask him how his day was and make him feel welcomed. He has even showed up to a little guy football game to show support to coach Jeff Martini and Mowry’s sons. 

   Outside of sports, Coon spends most of his time with friends or up in the mountains with his family. His friend group consists of some fellow teammates along with other fellow seniors. Most of their time when hanging out is spent finding random things to do or going and getting food together and talking about school and sports. Coon’s friend group plans on going to Florida during spring break for a senior trip together. During the winter, Coon enjoys snowboarding and skiing in the mountains with his family. He and his family also travel to Big Sky for an annual ski trip.

   Everyone has someone that they look up to, whether that be in sports or in life. Coon looks up to the coaching staff at Sheridan High School for life advice and situations. “The coaching staff has helped me a lot because they’re more worried about how you’ll do in life later on,” said Coon. “It’s not just about football, they really look at the bigger picture.” Coon also has someone close to him that he looks up to on the sports side of his life. His older brother Evan Coon played football at SHS, so he got to grow up watching his older brother succeed as a Bronc and really set a path for him in high school. “I look up to my older brother a lot because he kind of set a path,” said Coon. “He helped me learn what you can achieve with a work ethic.”

   Coon’s dedication has paid off for him as he got a good name for himself as early as a sophomore, mainly because of his work in the weight room and on the field. He looks to have just another great season for him and his team in the 2019 season. 

   Coon is son of Julie and Cody Coon.   

Ron Richter
Senior Garrett Coon runs the football in an outside sweep play, down Homer Scott field during a home game against Kelly Walsh.