Ligocki looks to make the most out of her final season in volleyball


Gretchen McCafferty

Senior Katie Ligocki jumps to strike the volleyball

   The name Ligocki has been heard all around the town of Sheridan and the state of Wyoming for several years. When most people hear the last name, they likely think about athletics. Katie Ligocki is one of the many that may come to mind and is brought up in newspapers quite often during the volleyball and basketball season. Although basketball is a sport that Ligocki has been playing as long as she can remember, along the way she has found a passion for the game of volleyball.

   Ever since Ligocki was in the sixth grade, she has been on the volleyball court, slamming balls down over the net and improving on her game. Two of her friends encouraged her to play, not knowing that it would become a hobby filled with life-long memories and learning experiences for Ligocki. Her position on the Sheridan High School volleyball team is set as an outside hitter, but she has also played several different positions in the past, such as a middle hitter and right side hitter. Since her senior season has started, Ligocki has set high standards for herself to help carry out the team this year and hopes to not only win All-Conference, but also earn her place as an All-State athlete as well. “I want to get the most out of my senior year, considering this is my last go-around,” said Ligocki. “I’d say my goals are to play each game like it’s my last and continue to improve each day. And of course, it’d be nice to go to state.” 

   With these goals in mind and the positive attitude Ligocki carries along to help benefit the team, she tries to make sure that her teammates do the same, and it definitely does not go unnoticed. “Personally, I always strive to have great work ethic like Katie,” said teammate Preslee Moser. “She is always cheering everyone on, and always has a positive attitude towards whatever she is facing.” 

   Head Coach Eric Frey for the Lady Broncs could also agree with Moser on Ligocki. “She’s just a good kid that’s fun to be around, and she’s a good student with her peers, good athlete with her teammates, and a lot of kids relish around her,” said Frey. Frey has known Ligocki since she was a year old due to his relationship with her father and the Ligocki family for a very long time, but he has only personally known her for about the last six years. While knowing Ligocki for a while, Frey knows it will be hard to let Ligocki go after the season is over. “You get attached to some kids moreso in the programs you coach and so those are the tough ones to let go,” said Frey. “It’ll be sad for me as I talk to her at the end of the season, and I’m sure I’ll probably have some water come out of my eyes.” Although he knows it will be hard letting her go and move on from the Lady Bronc program, Frey continues to hold high standards for her in her future. “I personally would like to see her go on and play at the next level because it would be fun for her and she’s always been an athlete,” said Frey. “Not all brainiacs need to wear glasses and be geeks, but she’s a very smart individual so I would love to see her go on and play at the next level.”

   With that, Ligocki is also involved in several school-related activites outside of sports. Taking AP Calculus, Environmental Science, English 1010, being involved in FCA, and being able to maintain a 4.0 GPA, it is clear why Ligocki excels in many things inside and outside of school, by continuously showing up and getting to business on what needs to be done. After high school, Ligocki plans on going to college to become an orthodontist and is undecided as to where she wants to go for sure and if she plans on playing basketball or volleyball. 

   As Ligocki knows, volleyball will not last forever. Looking back on the last several years of playing this sport she has grown to love, Ligocki knows she will for sure miss a few things about it. “I’ll miss game days the most, especially home ones,” said Ligocki. “I’ll also miss the feeling of getting a really awesome kill or block and getting hyped about it with the team.”    

   Ligocki is the daughter of Kim and Larry Ligocki.