Football looks for continued success in playoffs


Carla Sessions

Senior Jacob Boint throws pass while being chased by Thunder Basin Bolts defender.

   The 2019 Sheridan Bronc football team has started off with another great season this fall. With the team currently maintaining a winning record of 11-1, they have been preparing for the playoffs, and hopefully a trip to the state tournament in Laramie, Wyo. on Nov. 16. 

   The mentality and goals of the Bronc football team are similar to those of year’s past. Being athletic and stellar at football is a key aspect to what the coaches are looking for, but that is not all. “We strongly believe that great young men make great Bronc football players,” said head coach Jeff Mowry. “We try to help our players become great young men on and off the field, which we believe helps them become better football players.” 

   In the eyes of the team, the coaches have really emphasized this mindset on their players and hold them accountable for their actions and character. “Every week we have a word that the coaches hold us accountable for,” said junior safety Reese Osborne. “For example, commitment, trust, and accountability are a few of the standards that the coaches have held us accountable for.” With this in mind, the team has thrived in the past, along with this year’s season.  

   Senior quarterback Jacob Boint has held this mentality for the last four years as a Bronc and has been a big help in the successes of the Bronc football program this season. Boint has been playing football for as long as he can remember, somewhere around the ages of three or four. Being involved in many sports at a young age, Boint has found a way to thrive in football and take on the leading role for the football team. “Being quarterback means I have to know the entirety of the playbook and be able to help out the younger or inexperienced guys,” said Boint. Having been a part of a state title in 2017, Boint and the rest of the team plans on continuing to hang up banners on the wall. “Obviously we want to win a state championship, but in order to get there, we have to just try to get better every day and try to keep improving and taking steps forward,” said Boint. Not only has he made a big impact on the football field, but also off the field.

    “In addition to being a leader on the football field, Boint and the other seniors are leaders within our school and positively influence more people than just the football team,” said Mowry. Along with that, his character is what keeps the team going.

   “Jacob is a positive quarterback,” said Osborne. “Some quarterbacks can be very harsh on their team, but Jacob tends to always be looking on the bright side and encourages everyone.”

   A strong quarterback who leads the team and remains positive is important for the future successes of the football program. However, having players and teammates who are willing to take that criticism and be led is just as important. “Sometimes we find ourselves trying to do another teammates jobs instead of just focusing on our own,” said Osborne. “But we have overcome this through trusting each other and the process.” Osborne has been playing at the varsity level for two years now, in which he has adapted well. “I love the team aspect of it, along with the physicality,” said Osborne. 

   All teams have strengths and weaknesses, and although it may not seem that way all the time for the Broncs, they struggle in all sorts of areas. “Currently we are making too many mistakes and not executing our assignments to the best of our ability,” said Mowry. “For the remainder of the season, we need to attack each week of practice with a focus on improving our game and our skills.  If we do that, I believe we will be able to reach all of the goals the team has set before itself.” 

   Winning the majority of their games this season, the Broncs fell to the Thunder Basin Bolts earlier last month, 37-30. “They are a good team and bring a different kind of physicality and speed that we have not seen yet,” said Boint. “But if we go back and focus on ourselves every day and get better, it will help us when we face them again.”

   Coach Mowry also believes this to be true. “I believe our team can be as good as it wants to be,” said Mowry. “We have the skills and ability to beat any team in the state if we continue to grow as a team.” 

   With the playoffs ahead and the state tournament in mind, the Broncs have several things to work on and look forward to in order to be where they want. Last year the Broncs made it down to Laramie, Wyo. for the state title against the Natrona County Mustangs, but ended up falling short. With that loss learned and a new season taking place, the Broncs hope to see all of their hard work pay off when it is all said and done.