Golf makes new advancements and goals

As the seasons pass, the Sheridan High School golf team continues to grow in skill and becomes closer to winning the state championship for both the girls and boys teams. State was held at Bell Knob Golf Course in Gillette, Wyo. on Sept. 19-21. The girls’ team placed second, and the boys team placed fifth. Many players from both the girls and boys team also placed individually.

  The team’s motto this year was “Championships are won through practice.”  SHS head coach Kaelee Saner picked this motto due to the hardwork and determination she expects from the team, especially in their practices. “I really want all the players to continue to get the most out of practice,” said Saner. Many strokes can be saved through chipping and putting, which was something that was made a priority this year. The coaches also had the golf team play practice rounds at Kendrick Golf Course in order to get to know the course better and work on the more strategic part of the game.

  It takes many hours of hitting golf ball after golf ball on the driving range, countless five foot putts, and enough patience to improve in all areas of the game. Players have to be willing to play and practice throughout the summer before the fall season hits. One of these players that puts in the extra practice is junior Brayden James. “Having more focus and staying with it in the game will really make a difference,” said James. Not only is golf a game of skill, but it is also a mental game. Having a bad mindset can impact how a person might play. Saner has made practice rounds more frequently compared to last season to help with setting goals and learning from mistakes. 

  On every team there are leaders, and one specifically on the golf team this year was Hannah Detmer, the only senior on the team.  Detmer says she is going to miss all the friends she has made and all the good coaching she has received. “Everyone is really supportive and friendly,” said Detmer. 

  The golf team has a majority of young players, that are working and confident in winning a state championship in the near future. Once summer comes along, many players returning will be putting in the extra practice and taking private lessons in order to get even closer to the team goal. “It’s exciting to see where this team goes,” said Saner.