Robison demonstrates leadership and dedication through


Joel Moline, Sheridan Press

Senior Zoe Robison competes in the individual medley at the 2018 Sheridan Invite.

   Many students at Sheridan High School know senior Zoe Robison. Whether it be because of her eccentric personality, athletic reputation, or her unusually large collection of Crocs, she is highly recognized in the halls as a role model for all. Being actively engaged in all opportunities her town provides, Robison works hard in both the Sheridan High School community as well as the classroom.

   Even though Robison partakes in fall, winter, and spring sports, swimming is her favorite. She enjoys the team aspect of indoor and outdoor track but appreciates the individual accountability and rigor of swimming because it allows her to mentally and physically push herself to the limit.  “The harder you work the better you can be,” she said. The challenges swimming has given her have also allowed Robison to further develop her time management and leadership skills.

   At the pool, Robison guides her peers more with her actions instead of with her voice. Her coaches and fellow teammates know they can count on her to set an example for the younger athletes. “She has been swimming for ten plus years, and she wants to create a family of athletes that share her love,” said senior teammate Alicia Thoney. “She comes to practice with a positive attitude which is very refreshing and contagious, especially in the last couple weeks of the season.”

   While Robison has made many friendships and memories because of her high school swimming career, she has also learned valuable skills that will help her beyond SHS. Being cooperative and encouraging was a skill she picked up in the pool at an early age. Alongside working with her peers, Robison learned how to be coachable and build herself up based on criticism from herself and her coaches. “She has a drive to succeed, so she is always asking questions and keeping an open mind to new ideas,” said assistant swim coach Adam Martin. “I know that I can critique her, and she will respond appreciatively and give me her best effort.” She also credits part of her envious work ethic and time management to her experiences in the pool. “There are some days we have double practices, so I’ll be up at five in the morning and I won’t get home until six or seven,” she said. “Because I have so little free time, I have learned to manage my time accordingly in order to keep my grades up.”

   Because swimming and running have been a part of her life from a very young age, Robison continues to push herself to be the best she can be. Since she was six years old, she has been swimming competitively to become the stellar athlete she is today. At the 2019 Swimming and Diving State Championship in Gillette, Wyo., Robison placed second in the individual medley and fifth in the 100-meter breaststroke. 

   As Robison has recently committed to University of Wyoming’s Swim Team, she plans to advance her athleticism as well as her academic rigor. Unlike her soon-to-be freshman teammates at UW, Robison does not swim year-round. This means that she is likely to improve greatly in her post high school athletic career. While Robison sets high athletic standards for herself, she also strives to make the most out of her college experience. She plans to pursue an occupation in the medical field and aims to help her fellow athletes in either sports medicine or physical therapy. 

   When she is not competing, Robison is usually found studying for one of her several AP classes or practicing her violin. She notes that sports have enabled her to become a better student and classmate to those around her. Since her sophomore year, she has taken six AP classes and is currently taking online classes through Sheridan College. Robison is also a three time All-State violinist and is awaiting her acceptance notice for the 2020 All-State Orchestra that will take place in January. 

   Whether Robison is swimming laps at the pool or studying in the mezzanine, she is without a doubt a model student athlete. 

   Robison is the daughter of Martha and Wendell Robison.