Senior Shaw prepares for his years after high school and leads others


Tiffany Shaw

Shaw runs the 4 by 800 relay at Simplot games in the 2019 track season.

   Runner, student, and leader, Wyatt Shaw loves what he does. As his high school career begins to slow down at Sheridan High School, Shaw plans for the future and looks to make the most out of what little time there is left. 

   This year, Shaw was able to contribute to the state championship on the cross country team. The boys state team was comprised of Austin Akers a freshman, Tyrus Dotson a freshman, Blaine Johnson a junior, David Standish a junior, and Reece Charest a sophomore, as well as fellow seniors Alex Garber and Timothy Brown. At the beginning of the season, Shaw was out with mono and it took a while for him to get back into the swing of things. During the times when he was allowed to run with his sickness, Shaw would go all in, even if it meant not feeling well. His coach, Art Baures, believes that Shaw has a very good work ethic and is physically tough. “I think he understands what coaches want in terms of reaching potential; he just wants every athlete to work to a level where they can reach their true potential as an individual,” said Baures. “He’s a big boy with a big heart,” said Brown.

   Shaw has a few plans for his life after high school. “Right now I am going to join the army,” said Shaw. Being a runner, he understands what physical and mental grit means and plans to use running to motivate him throughout his army career. “It was a giant character builder for me,” said Shaw. Shaw’s body type is also geared for the physical toughness that the military requires. At over six feet and very muscular, he uses his abilities to tackle any physical obstacle. “I didn’t like football, so I decided that I would run cross country instead,” said Shaw. 

   Baures agrees with Shaw. “A guy like Wyatt who grew into the body of a defensive end and goes out and runs cross country like he does, because he loves his team and he likes the program, is great,” said Baures. “But then he’s just tough, he’s physical, where that’s not normally the case with cross country runners.” He also excels in both indoor and outdoor track. “In track he’s even better because of that physical toughness,” said Baures.

   Shaw got started in running based off a recommendation from his elementary school principal. As soon as sixth grade began, Shaw decided that he would run cross country right away. His friends Brown and Garber met during the sixth grade season and have stuck together throughout all of their running careers. “I met him sixth grade cross country chilling by the old shed,” said Brown. The foundations of friendship and the motivation to run hard was built during that season, and Shaw realized that he was made to run and continue to pursue it.

   “I remember Wyatt from junior high cross country and that he was just really excitable and full of energy, maybe a little mischievous, but he was about to have fun all the time,” said Baures. 

   This joy of life has been carried on through his senior year and Shaw uses it to motivate others. “He’s our comic relief half the time, which is awesome because he likes life. He likes to enjoy it,” said Baures. Throughout Shaw’s running experiences, he has been part of a group called the Fellahs. This is a group of close friends who enjoy many activities including playing Xbox, hanging out over the weekend, and most importantly running. Shaw enjoys all the time he can get with his friends and will always run with them during practices and pre-meet workouts. “He likes hanging with the Fellahs, he likes to play on Xbox, and he’s really fun to run with,” said Brown. “Just be one of the Fellahs and laugh at their jokes, even if they are bad and tell them they are bad. We are a pretty tight knit group.”

   As a student, Shaw has also grown and excelled academically throughout all his various classes. “Now he just does everything he needs to, he is very accountable to himself and to his classes,” said Baures. As part of his plan to join the military, Shaw will have to take the ASVAB test. This requires critical thinking skills and mental fortitude, in which Shaw has both. 

   Shaw’s leadership capabilities have played a vital role on the cross country team as well as the track team. “He’s a very good leader, I would call him somebody who is very dependable and he also inspires other people around him,” said Baures. Being a senior, Shaw has a lot of responsibilities this year as the leader; however, he is prepared to lead other runners and people out of an interest in the team and not himself. “He is a really caring person,” said Baures. 

   “Running with him is kind of the base of our friendship and we love to do it with each other,” said Brown. Shaw sums up why he continues to lead and run in three simple words: “I love running.”

   Shaw is the son of Dustin and Tiffany Shaw.