Boys go for the goal


Photo Coral Admidin

Senior Dontae Crow attempts to steal the ball from a Laramie opponent.

The 2016 boys varsity soccer season starts off with a win over Riverton with a score of 3-0 on March 24. In Riverton Wyoming. The Varsity team also took a win over Natrona with a score of 2-0 and a win over Evanston 3-1 in Casper Wyoming on April 2. This year, there will be many seniors playing on our school soccer teams, including: AJ Kassen, Ben Bonnet, Bryce Beicher, Dontae Crow, Evan Coon, Riley Sessions, Wayde Phelps, Wyat Dobbs, Dalton Legerski, Steven Nicholson, Zach Campbell, Jorge Albuja, Bailey Bonnet, Matthew O’Kelly, Carlos Fernandez de Cordova, and Kodi MacDonnell. Coach Matt expressed his excitement for all the newcomers and the returning seniors, saying, ”I expect them to try, give their effort, and work hard. I want to see the desire and willingness to get things done.” The impressive amount of seniors poses a question for the future of the soccer team in regards to their performance when the seniors leave, but Johnson is confident in the abilities of each team member.

Outside of the coaching atmosphere, Coach Matt relates to the players because he also enjoys playing soccer. “It’s an elegant sport,” said Johnson. “The ball moves, the players work together, the runs are made in order to create that goal scoring opportunity or to prevent other teams from scoring well.” He hopes that this year the team can create a stronger bond of communication and improve their consistency of winning games.

“Soccer has taught me the benefits of teamwork and it challenges me to keep great communication with all of my team members,” said O’Kelly.

The team motto this year is “nothing’s given,” meaning that players need to work hard to accomplish their goals because it will never will never achieve them without effort.