Kanye shows faith in Cody

   Ever since the news came out about Kanye West buying a massive mansion at Monster Lake in Cody, Wyo., citizens have been raving about West and his wife Kim Kardashian West, not just visiting but living in the state. 

   In early September, Kanye and Kim announced that they had bought a $14 million mansion with 4,500 acres of property around the Monster Lake area near Cody, Wyo., with a population of around 10,000. Kim claimed she loves the “chill” pace of life, compared to her daily life in Calabasas, Calif. However, she says she only wants to spend summers and some weekends in Wyo.

  Since the purchase of their mansion at Monster Lake, the West family has found ways to enjoy their time. On Kim’s instagram, she has kept up with posting pictures about her time in Wyo. with her kids and husband. Some of the pictures included the Wests riding horses and hanging around a fire and picnic table. Several weeks ago, Kim took a video of her and Kanye riding on an ATV. West began chasing antelope, and Kim had told him, “I think you’re scaring them!” According to TMZ, the two were subjected to a “lecture” from the Department of Game and Fish officer. Kanye was also spotted posing with the Riverton, Wyo. girls’ swim team outside of Bubba’s BBQ in Cody. He has also endeared himself to employees at the local McDonald’s due to frequent coffee runs, according to The Daily Beast.  

   Although the West family has not been considered Wyoming residents for very long, on Sept. 22, Kanye had one of his Sunday Service performances come to Cody. The service began at noon and lasted for about an hour at the Robbie Powwow Garden. Even though the event was only broadcasted on local news channels and on their Instagram page, according to the Billings Gazette, nearly 4,000 people showed up from places such as Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Washington, and Colorado, dressed in their Sunday best. The line was at least half a mile long, and the service was free to the public. “The choir was incredibly talented; they sang some modern music, a couple Nirvana songs and parts of two Kanye songs, but for the most part it was gospel music with a twist,” said junior Aria Heyneman who attended the service. “They were singing about faith and spirituality, but in a way that actually made me want to listen, not go to sleep like that same kind of music does to me in church. The atmosphere was inclusive, wholesome, and a really special thing to be a part of.” 

   All the way from Burbank Calif., to Cody, Wyo., 80 singers flew in on Sunday morning that are apart of Kanye’s choir, and arrived just hours before the service. The choir was led by director John White. Kanye spoke a few words at the service but mostly sang in the choir for a few songs and was also drumming and playing the keyboard at certain moments. After the service, Kanye was spotted driving away in a black pickup, waving at the crowd, according to the Billings Gazette. 

   Originally, these Sunday Services started at Kanye’s home in Calabasas, Ca.. Within the last year, the Sunday service decided to start traveling around the country this year to places all over such as Portland, Chicago, Atlanta, around the Los Angeles area, and on Easter Sunday in Coachella. Celebrities such as Tyler the Creator, Courtney Love, Diplo, Busy Phillips, Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, Travis Scott, Brad Pitt, and many others have attended West’s services as well. 

   Some people think that the Wests bought a house in Wyo. for the publicity, and they will ruin Cody’s history of being a small town. Others think that his service was “welcoming”, according to the Billings Gazette.“It’s a really interesting idea that is taking off right now,” said Heyneman. “It’s especially cool because of the wholesome message you wouldn’t really expect from Kanye based on his previous music, and the fact that it’s always free is another great aspect.” 

   Although the service brought out a big crowd of people to the small town, it is hard to tell whether the Sunday Services will continue in Cody.