New improvements to SHS

More technology is on the way for student use at SHS.


Allison Kruse

SHS is expecting 150 new Chromebooks to start the school year.

“Is that a doorbell?”

SHS students looked around in surprise on the first day of school. Sheridan High School has been making major changes around the school this past summer that have not gone unnoticed by students. In addition to the new entrance, the phone systems have been updated. This new technology is what has brought about the new bells, some of which include the original doorbell-like sound that is heard echoing through the halls, a cackling of laughter, and even the neighing of a horse.

The school will be receiving 150 new chromebooks to add to the supply of technology in the library, which is paving the way for the “bring your own device” proposal. The “bring your own device” proposal means that, in the near future, each student will receive and use their own computer given by the school. This may allow the students to take the devices home and have more personal use with the technology.The school district is hoping the student to device ratio will be 1:1 within the next three years. According to SHS Principal Dirlene Wheeler, these computers, along with every other gadget, will all be wireless.