Focus of homecoming off of football

Student Council decides to do more to recognize all of the fall sports

SHS Student Council decided to switch up the 2013 Homecoming celebrations by taking the emphasis off of football and recognizing more of the other fall sports.

At the first Student Council meeting held on Sep. 4, members decided that each class would decorate a specific area of the school with one or two of the fall sports.

Student Body Vice President Timmy Cowan said his initial reaction to the idea was that it was “iffy” because students might not like the change, but he likes the idea overall.

“I like it because it recognizes other sports,” said Cowan. “I didn’t even know we had golf. I hope they come up with a cool slogan, like ‘Putting for Greatness.’”

When asked about the rest of Homecoming, Cowan said, “I’m looking forward to the dress up days. I like attention. They’ve always been so lame, but now that I’m in Student Council, I have a say in it.”

Student Body President Tyler Julian is happy about the new decorating idea.

“It brings everyone into homecoming week. Like usual, all the teams will be recognized at the game, but not all of the teams are at the game. This way even those who aren’t there will be recognized for their hard work.”

Homecoming celebrations begin on Sep. 23.