Preparing for the ACT

Students of Sheridan High School are being given opportunities outside of the classroom in order to improve current and future ACT scores. Although these study sessions are primarily for the junior and senior students, there is no age limit to begin preparing, seeing as both freshman and sophmore students are welcome in order to improve their current ACT practice tests PLAN and EXPLORE.

The first of these study sessions, which was referred to as the “Pilot Episode” by Sheridan High School Principal Dirlene Wheeler, was held last Friday in the library. There were a reported 100 plus students who attended the session in order to begin the improvement and preparation process.

The reason for these study sessions becoming available, which will soon be taking place before school in the mornings and lunch along with the already available after school sessions, is because of the current ACT reading scores that have affected the overall composition score of the school as a whole.

“Reading is the key because all other subjects on the test involve reading and interpreting the questions” said Wheeler. There will soon be changes in the reading curriculum in classes in order to provide the opportunities to prepare for the ACT and other tests during classroom time.

The turnout of the first of these sessions was a tremendous success, with over 100 participating students according to Wheeler. The heads of the tutoring sessions are primarily LaDonna Leibrich, Elizabeth Swagger, and Tim Daniels.

Follow ups and other practice session information will soon follow.