NiCE Foundation

National Honor Society is donating money to the Nicaraguan Christian Education (NiCE) Foundation to feed starving children in Nicaragua. They will donate all money at the end of October.

National Honor Society has asked other groups to help out including Spanish Club and Interact.

“30 cents is the equivalent to one meal for a child. And $5 is 16 meals.” National Honor Society sponsor Peter Hawkins says. “What I’ve challenged National Honor Society to do is not eat lunch one day a week and give that money to us to give to the NiCE Foundation. They may feel a little hungry, but then they can start to know how these kids feel everyday.”

The National Honor Society will pay the NiCE Foundation for the food, and the packaging and shipping for the food, and National Honor Society will have to package the food to be sent out.

“We have asked other groups to help us with the packaging, because it will be a lot of work, but anyone can help out and anyone can donate money.” Hawkins says.

Spanish club is helping donate money to the foundation. Spanish club Vice President, Morgan Brenneman, is “Excited about making a change in the world.”

Interact will be getting the supplies together and packaging the meals and shipping the meals off.

The meals are vegan, with rice, soy, vegetables, and vitamins and minerals in them. They will be in airtight bags.

If anyone wants to donate money, they can give their money to Brant Ross, the National Honor Society treasurer.

Spanish Club treasurer Alison Smith says, “It’s a great way to help other countries in need and don’t have necessary resources.”

“You can give the $5 dollars, but if you give up the meal, then you get the feeling.” Brenneman says