Upcoming classes at SHS

  SHS will be offering three new classes next year: Advanced Art Unwrapped, AP English Language and Composition, and Exploring Sustainability in Agriculture and Food Production.

  Advanced Art Unwrapped is a class taught by Jeff Poulsen that is an extension of Art Unwrapped I and is not a traditional art or craft class. While considering whether or not to enroll, it should be considered that the class focuses on alternative types of art techniques involving computers, photo transfers, and collages. “More people should consider taking the class, it is not the typical art class that people think it is provides opportunities not offered elsewhere” said Poulsen

 AP English Language and Composition is a class of rhetoric and will focus on the thinking of how to persuade people and develop and sustain an argument in a paper. Writing is emphasized in the class and it will be taught by Rita Geary.

  Exploring Sustainability in Agriculture and Food Production taught by Ward Cotton focuses on the agricultural land use today and how trends in human population growth have and will continue to place additional demands upon agricultural ecosystems. It is a concurrent enrollment class with Sheridan College and will be required if anybody is interested in pursuing an Environmental Engineering degree or Food production. “It would be a good class to take because food scarcity will become a problem if it isn’t dealt with” said Cotton. He encourages all students to take the class next year.