Locker rooms to get update in 2015


Lamy Shassetz

The locker rooms were built in 1980 making them over 30 years old.

SHS will start its remodeling for the new locker rooms beginning spring 2015. The project is estimated to take two years to complete. “The timeline is currently being worked out,” says SHS Athletic Director Don Julian.

The remodel is estimated to cost between $4-$5 Million and will add 9,000 square feet (4,500 square feet for each floor) to the old locker rooms. These new locker rooms will allow SHS to meet the current ADA and gender equity requirements. Julian says he is very excited to start this project and hopes that the entire community will become involved with this process.

Currently the locker rooms and training facility are not adequate for SHS’s current needs. SHS Trainer Joanne Brewster will get more space and more machines along with the project. “The new athletic training room will be much larger than the current space, with new tables, counters, whirlpools, and therapy areas.”  Brewster went on to say that this new sports medicine area will provide an environment more suitable for the healthcare that is provide to Sheridan Athletes.

People can donate money and even get to adopt a locker by putting a message to other upcoming students on a metal plate. “We will make nameplates that will be attached to the lockers. Donors have the opportunity to place a name, or saying of their choice on the locker,” says Julian. A donated locker will cost $250 and, with every locker sold the Homer and Mildred Scott Foundation will match the sale.

SHS booster club website says the main goal of this program is “To create a sports medicine and locker room facility your Bronc Athletics teams and SHS students can be proud of and which help them play their best.” This project will provide the current needs for PE students and staff, athletes and the sports medicine department.

The locker rooms were built in the 1980s making them over 30 years old.