Drama Showcase


Jeremy Wilsey

Juniors Katie and Sarah Campbell try to persuade White to believe their different outlooks on life in the play “Flip of a Coin” written by Ruthie White.

State drama took place last weekend with high expectations. Some of this expectation came from the fact that Drama didn’t put on its annual play. The absence of the play put a heightened focus on competition. The emphasis paid off, as almost every single participant either earned all-state honors or honorable mentions. With the extra time, students were able to rigorously prepare for a good, highly competitive experience.

There were thirty-one schools competing with over 60 entries in each category. Every category Sheridan entered in placed, which is the highest honor at state drama. The highest ranking achieved was by senior Maya Gilmore who ranked second in costume design. Other high rankings belong to both comedic duets, which entered into state tied for seventh, and Sarah Campbell taking 8th. Ruthie White’s play also ranked 13th out of 36 overall.