Spanish teacher launches radio show


Courtesy Photo

Spanish teacher, Mario Montano prepares for his weekly radio show, Exitos Musicales, at Big Horn Mountain Radio Network. Tune in 92.7 FM The Eagle every Thursday night 7-8 p.m. to listen to Exitos Musicales.

On Dec. 18, 2014, Sheridan High School’s Spanish teacher, Mario Montano, started his own radio show, Exitos Musicales.

Montano started the show to share an important part of his life with the community. “I’ve been trying for eight years to do this. I want the community to know about my heritage and culture.” Montano also says it’s a good way to give his Spanish students an extra place to go to learn the language.

Montano plays Latin music on his show and takes recess from callers. He also brings guests in to speak about Mexican culture to the community. He bases his show on acivities in Sheridan, in Sheridan High School and extracurricular activities.

With Exitos Musicales only being an hour long, Montano hopes for it to grow as it goes on.