SHS Valedictorian and Salutatorians


Ruthie White

Valedictorian Lachlan Brennan and salutatorians Raien Emery and Dillon Jensen

Valedictorian: Lachlan Brennan

“I have no idea. It just kind of happened,” says Lachlan Brennan on how he become Valedictorian.

Brennan came into school just wanting to do well. Being Valedictorian was never his goal. “I just wanted to be prepared for college and perform the best I could with my educational opportunities.”

After taking a total of ten AP classes (five this year, three his junior year, and two his sophomore year) and obtaining close to 50 credit hours, Brennan will be ready to attend the University of Wyoming in the fall.

A recipient of the Trustee’s Scholarship, Brennan hopes to obtain a minor in piano performance.

Brennan has enjoyed playing the piano since first grade. “I want to learn more about it and get better acquainted, but I don’t see it as a viable economic career choice.”

Brennan’s major in college is undecided, but he’s not worried. “I just want to have a good time,” says Brennan, “and focus on my studies, too.”

Salutatorian: Raien Emery

Sharing the podium as Salutatorian, Raien Emery is not the typical top-of-the-class speaker.

   Coming into high school, being top of the class was never Emery’s goal. “I never wanted to be Salutatorian.”

   When asked for a quote that she would like to leave with the class of 2015, Emery promptly replied, “When I’m dead, I want the person who finds my body to cut off my right hand and put it on my right elbow so that I know I accomplished the impossible.”

   But Emery can do more than make an audience laugh. After taking eight AP classes (three this year, three her junior year, and two her sophomore year), Emery will be attending the University of Alabama with a major in Environmental Engineering.

   Emery plans to balance her schedule in college. “I want to focus on studies,” says Emery, “but I want to be able to make time for fun, too.”

Salutatorian: Dillon Jenson

While fellow Salutatorian Dillon Jensen is more shy than his counterpart, Jensen has the same academic rigor. Jensen took a total of eight AP classes (one his sophomore year, three his junior year, and four his senior year). Jensen took an additional AP test for a class that was not offered at Sheridan High School.

While most of his fellow classmates are headed straight into college, Jensen will be taking a gap year to go on his mission. But after his mission, he hopes to attend University of Wyoming and obtain a degree in engineering.

“I like science and math and physics,” Jensen explains as he dissects a fetal pig in one of his many AP classes.

Unlike his fellow salutatorian, Jensen did think about becoming top in the class. “I did think about it, but only at the start of this year.”

As well as being smart, Jensen is a kind person. Giving advice to fellow students, Jensen says, “Just do what you love.”