Choir Christmas concert presents enjoyable performance


Choir teacher Ashley Lecholat directs the SHS choir during the concert. (Photo courtesy Leah Clark)

  Throughout the multitude of annual Christmas concerts hosted by the Sheridan High School choir, this one was definitely a success. Choir teacher Ashley Lecholat, accompanied by Lisa Robertson, directed the multitude of choir groups that performed on Wednesday, Dec. 20. These groups included the Spectrum, Mixed Choir, Honor Choir, and the Treblemakers.

  The auditorium was packed full of family and friends who came to enjoy the performance. A multitude of Christmas songs were sung such as “Sing Noel,” “I Love the Winter Weather,” and “December Rose.” Not only were the students singing, but there were also four students who rotated on playing the piano as well as a violinist who had a solo. The performance itself was very well done and followed the Christmas traditions of choirs.

  Wrapping up the concert, the SHS choir followed their Christmas tradition of having a sing-along with the audience. The audience and choir sang “Hallelujah Chorus from The Messiah,” arranged by G.F. Handel. Overall, the classic, upbeat and heartfelt songs created a beautiful Christmas performance for the high school choir.