Sheridan YMCA offers special employment opportunities for county’s youth

  The Sheridan, Wyo. YMCA recreational center utilizes their space in a plethora ways to help the community and its youth as much as possible. Located on North Jefferson Street, the YMCA is equipped with multiple activity options such as a weight room, a swimming pool and lap pool, multiple soccer fields, and basketball courts among other things. One of the numerous ways they contribute to the community is by offering jobs to the young adults of Sheridan County. At their jobs, these employees learn useful skills such as leadership and teaching, how to bond with and take care of children of all ages, and most importantly, responsibility.

  “I think my favorite part of my job is seeing the kids get better,” said freshman Taylin Maxwell, who is a swim instructor at the YMCA. Working at the YMCA has taught a myriad of high school age kids the value of work ethic,as well as  diverse social and job skills.

  “We learn a lot about how work places are operated and how to work with people of all ages,” said sophomore Kate Alsup, camp counselor and pool lifeguard. Working at the YMCA gives young adults the opportunity to learn new skills and become a productive member of society. Several parents of the Sheridan community find that sending their kids to these activities are incredibly beneficial to their attitudes and over all social skills.

  In addition to the benefits provided for the children, the YMCA’s willingness to help out those in need is highly valuable to the community as a whole. In addition to providing learning opportunities to the county’s youth, they offer jobs to those in need and have countless resources that keep the community healthy, and bring people together.

  “The summer program is good for my daughter, it keeps her active and it has got a lot of great opportunities,” said Jennifer Rizer, former secretary at Sheridan High School. “It is an education-based environment with children her age.” Rizer also believes the age gap between the teenage staff and the children is good for not only the kids, but also the staff. “The kids are able to look up to the high school age kids because they are not too far removed from the younger kids,” said Rizer, “It’s also good that [teenage YMCA employees] get to take the younger kids under their wing and teach them the things they were taught growing up.”

  The YMCA offers a multitude of seasonal programs for kids, such as camps, Saturday Fun, sports teams, and an abundance of other extra-curricular activities, including a daytime child care center.

  For someone in need of a job, the YMCA offers diverse full or part time jobs with flexible hours, such as camp counselor, lifeguard, and swim instructors among other positions. They offer volunteer opportunities as well as regular jobs that build character and work experience.

  “For anyone looking to apply for a job at the YMCA, the advice that I would give is to just be yourself,” said Maxwell. “Also, do not be nervous, because the YMCA is a really relaxed and easygoing environment where everyone is friends.”