Broadcast journalism returns to SHS as a club

   Sheridan High School has always had a plethora of clubs available to students, and this year SHS welcomes the Broadcast Journalism Club. Led by English teacher Brian Rizer, the new extracurricular activity, known as The Bronc Beat, welcomes all students to join them regularly on Monday mornings for meetings in room C190. Located across from the teachers lounge near the foods room, the club is a fantastic extracurricular for those looking for fun news experience. 

   “This kind of a club is a great opportunity for students, even if they are not sure if it is really for them,” said advisor Brian Rizer. “If students have passing interest in those things, we can help develop things like how to tell a story in a visual manner, and interviewing skills.” Broadcast Journalism is looking for students who are interested in film, editing, technology and interviewing. After joining the club, students will have the ability to learn everything from film camera basics to interpersonal skills. They will learn different filming techniques and how to use different types of cameras while documenting newsworthy events, including the community, but majorly student- oriented  events. Additionally, students will learn how to proficiently use different editing software to complete their videos, including Adobe Premiere.

  So far this year, the team has been working on a homecoming video including footage of the week’s events. They have also been creating a Sources of Strength promotion video involving the Out of the Darkness Walk that was held in Sheridan. “Essentially we are just trying to create a new venue for important news from the school to be viewed primarily by the student body, and by the community as well,” said Rizer. Broadcast journalism is a great opportunity for anyone interested in news, filmography and creating things to share the student body as well as the Sheridan community.