Internet offers many ways to keep kids entertained during lockdown


   This lockdown has proved to be taxing on everybody, but young kids may be struggling the most. Little kids are generally known for being lively and curious souls, but being stuck inside may be really bothering after over a month of limited activity. Some parents may be struggling to find crafts or activities to keep their children entertained, but the list below offers some new ideas. Below each of the links is a short list and brief explanation of a few of the activities on the website.

Toilet paper roll animals: Adding ears or wings along with eyes can turn old toilet paper rolls into bunnies or various types of bugs. If kids can’t find toilet paper rolls, maybe cutting paper towel rolls in half would be a good substitute.

Painted Rocks: Similarly to the toilet paper rolls, rocks can be painted to be animals or almost anything else a kid could think up. Adding glue and googly eyes could help add life to the rocks.

Stargazing: Many apps are offered on smartphones that can find different star patterns, constellations, and planets. Take it one step further and look up the legends and stories of the constellations in the sky. 

Paper boats: Constructing paper or cardboard boats can be fun by itself, but they could also be raced. Little kids are creative and paper boats offer the ability to race them and have a competition while also working their brains to craft the best design.

Paper airplane race: Similar to the paper boats, paper airplanes would offer the chance for kids to get creative and competitive. They could design different planes and color them with marker or crayon to make their planes unique. 

Write an autobiography: It is important for little kids to know who they are and where they come from. While they may not have the largest story, sometimes little kids telling stories about themselves can be entertaining and funny. 

Rearrange your bedroom: Sometimes, a kid can feel confined in their room, but by assisting them in rearranging their room they might tire themselves out and enjoy the change of pace. This may be a good way to help them get some energy out since they can’t be outside that often.

If none of those work, the Internet offers a multitude of coloring pages that could be printed out and colored at a child’s leisure.