In Closing: Editor-in-Chief Tarrin Migrants wraps her year leading The Ock

   As a person who has been writing for The Ocksheperida for three years, I have learned about journalism and the media in a very different light than I had before. In the last few years the majority of the media has been full of bias and fake news, but one thing this class taught me is to always seek and spread the truth and to always maintain my integrity. As a writer, I have learned that there are two sides to every story, and considering both is the only way to provide honest unbiased news. 

    As a staff writer, I began my journalistic journey not knowing how much this class would push me out of my comfort zone. Although sometimes it was stressful and awkward, meeting new people along the way has taught me that everyone has a story, and that story is meant to be told. Journalism helps create relationships between writers and those they never would have spoken to otherwise. Not only have I built relationships outside of class in the school as well as the community, but I have learned from the people I have met inside the class as well.

   As the editor in chief I now look back on my years in this class and truly appreciate the experiences I had. Every morning for the last year of my life I have entered the Mac lab first thing in the morning (or fashionably late, you never know) and sat with the same group of kids I have watched grow as writers. I would like to say I am truly proud of everyone in the 2019-2020 journalism class for always striving for greatness even in these hard times. Even when you get yelled at for watching movie trailers every day, when you can never remember to put your articles in font size 12 Times New Roman, or if you always leave your cheese stick wrappers everywhere and when you constantly take over my white board. From my time as a staff writer, looking up to my editors to now, being a leader to my staff writers I am thankful for all the memories. So thank you Mr. Rizer for always giving us your support and guidance and always knowing the answers to our hangman games (shoutout, and thank you to all my writers for trying your best and making this year great!