Tracking the Tractors


Sammy Hamilton

FFA students park their tractors in the SHS parking lot for the last day of school.

You know you’re in Wyoming when you witness the FFA seniors pulling into the parking lot on tractors. They also parked them in a consecutive row which attracted the attention of the student body. This interesting plan was fabricated by Caleb Green, Ty Fauber, Joe Lacey and Will Olson last Wednesday, May 21.

“The idea started out as driving riding lawn mowers to school,” senior Joe Lacey said, “It wasn’t until all of us were out at the tractor pull at C&K that Caleb brought up that he had four tractors.”

The four friends collectively agreed on the plan and preceded to plan it out. The whole drive took the seniors 20 minutes due to the preparation of bringing them into town the night before. “When we were driving through town the reaction from the public was pretty comical. There was a lot of staring, pointing and thumbs-up as we drove by. The reaction we got from students and teachers was nothing but positive,” Lacey said, “They thought it was a really good idea since nothing like it had be done before. We had so much fun and if we had the chance we’d do it again in a heartbeat!”