Students experience US history over spring break


This spring break, many students were absent from the usual spring activities around Sheridan. For nine days, 23 SHS students traveled the East Coast, from Boston and New York to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. The group was led by SHS Government teacher, Tyson Emborg. “Being able to see all these places in such a rapid succession was very interesting and enjoyable,” said senior Jesse Melius. “It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it quite a bit,” said senior Spencer Pordon. Getting out of Sheridan was productive for senior Dan Harvey. “It made me more comfortable in big cities, being a small-town kid,” said Harvey. “It made me more comfortable being around a lot of people.” Melius also noted the dramatic difference: “All the diversity made it very enjoyable,” said Melius. All the travelers enjoyed themselves quite a lot. “It was quite a bit of fun,” said Pordon. “I just learned a lot,” said Harvey, “We went to some great cities, saw some great things, and just had a great time!…It was a good time.” Melius said, “Boston’s so beautiful, I would never have known.” When asked about their favorite part of the trip, several students were torn. “There was so much greatness in being able to see a Broadway show and a couple days later being at the Washington Memorial,” said Melius. “It was an exciting experience to see how different the world could be,” said Pordon. Some students chose not to attempt to single out one aspect, “It was too much to pick a favorite thing…I just learned a lot.” Harvey said. As a second thought, Harvey added, “Times Square was pretty fun, seeing all those advertisements.” Pordon would like to make it known that, “We saw a lot of touristy stuff, ya know…We saw mostly all of the monuments.”